Friday, May 22, 2009

Tun Razak Lecture Series 2...

Ish... again, I got caught in the smart tunnel. Lesson learnt? Always leave before 7 if you've got something on in KL. Especially if its at the heart of the city, Capital Square, where the new City Campus of UNITAR (Universiti Tun Abdul Razak) is located. The main Pintar Campus is right in front of Giant, Kelana Jaya. I was a special guest of Tan Sri Arshad Ayub, who delivered the 2nd Tun Abdul Razak Lecture this morning. Thank you Tan Sri! (ingat jugak ek? hehe). The inaugural lecture was delivered by Tun Ahmad Sarji, Chairman of PNB. Tan Sri Arshad gave a public lecture on the topic of education and his experiences that goes back during his time with the late Tun Razak executing Tun Razak's vision and legacies (see picture above). I was seated second row beside Datuk Dr Firdaus Abdullah (Mantan Ketua pengarah DBP), Prof Khadijah of INPUMA. Others spotted, was of course, The President & Vice-Chancellor Datuk Prof Dr Zabid, Assoc Prof Dr Raja Hanaliza (UNITAR CFO) and hubby Wahab (Mantan CEO MSWG), Tan Sri Zuki. It was predominantly an academic and government dept crowd with a few foreign ambassadors present. Good networking as I have been asked to give some guest lectures in August. My impending 'retirement' will not be dull (I hope) after all..hehe. Haa..I better update my CV (specially skewed towards academia...for guest lectures and teaching). Been saying that for the last 2 years..hahaha...never really sat down to nicely compile all my papers, conferences, chairings, et al.... Do have a great weekend folks.

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