Saturday, March 10, 2007

Looks like I have become an occasional blogger. Looking at the period of absence and the rather snailmail type heheh...unlike the regular daily very disciplined type of updating...hahaha. Last thursday March 8, 2007 I was a panelist at the Hospitality Forum 2007 organised by the Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management UiTM at UiTM Hotel. Was the last speaker and had a field day bashing the industry and its HR practises...hihi....The session was only worry is...if I was too critical, controversial or provocative ...I may suffer the same fate as TV3's program 'sensasi' and 'rosnah' heehee. Apparently the feedback I got from the organisers was that I was the most favourite of the four speakers and everyone seems to enjoy me locking in and bashing the other 3 fellow learned speakers and industry professionals...hahaha. Sorry my frens...hihi. Ulrich says, the continuing battle for HR practitioners is to be AT the table (meaning a member of the boardroom) and not ON the table as is often the fate of HR. HR practitioners need to constantly juggle their role of being an employee champion, administrative expert, strategic business partner and change agent...all at the same time...a tall order huh?hihi. It was a touch n go tingy , much of what I wanted to say have been said by the others (hahaha...usual excuse for lack of preparation..hihi). Anyway, I was glad I left an impression or an indelible mark to some others. For those who missed my keynote presentation at the 2nd IBBC in Kuching last december 2006, I am uploading the powerpoint of that prez.