Tuesday, May 19, 2009

of commons, entrepreneurialism and flu?...

The beleaguered Commons Speaker reportedly decided to bow to pressure to quit after Prime Minister (of Britain) withdrew support... read more here. So it seems, well, looks like there is something common (or similar to that effect) happening closer to home huh? I dunno, if we're learning from them, or they, from us (hehe)... while their (British) economy is sinking further into deflation (read here). Then, really closer to home, I was told this funny (?) story this evening that a primary school teacher called up the parents (my fren) reminding them that school children are not allowed to do business in school! Its oxymoronic isn't it? On one hand you want to encourage entrepreneurialism, creativity, innovation and all the other (BS) associated with it, but on the other hand you are trapped in the dysfunctional consequences of bureaucracy. Pity the budding Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and the Tonys Fernandezes (evil wink) hahaha.
I was on the phone with an old fren who was MD of an IT company awhile ago. He told me his son juz got back from the States. And it seems, there was really no hoo-haa big deal over the influenza (H1N1) outbreak. Most people who died were either over 60s or infants. You have a choice whether to be screened or not. At a conference in Kuching recently, a prof and an expert in virology from universiti pertanian malaysia said (in the the papers) that the common flu kills more people annually than H1N1. See? so many different views, comments, reports...dunno which one to really listen to. The ones I got from frens closer the the infectious diseases fraternity is quite frightening actually. My own opinion? haha better be safe than sorry...especially if you know your immune system is not like what it used to be...hehehe.

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kalau CICAK ! mcm na pula, sbb haiwan ni kalau malam suka sangat-sangat merayap untuk mencari makanan di atas meja makan, ada kemungkinan jugak ker? emmm plez jelaskan, takut-takut CICAK pun boleh membawa virus tu..uweeekkkk