Sunday, May 17, 2009

of illuminatis,stiffling people and strangling profits?...

Naaah...not on a sunday morning, some would retort. But others like me, find it therapeutic to quickly browse the online version of the economists and the likes of it to try and catch up on some reading which one would otherwise not find the time during weekedays lor...Do read this one. For those who majored in management, the name may ring a bell. For others, who knows, it may help shield you from impending occupational hazards(?) like hypertensions to start with? (hehe). I just got up. Defintely a restless tossing and turning one. Either the brain and body are still tired (after a marathon annual report annual ritual...ermm not so much of thinking, but being present with the chappies and being fed nonstop by the sweet and kind ismail associate staff..hehe) or was it because of some angels and demons ostracising?... Alot seems to be brewing isnt it? time for financial results, the warnings that anak krakatoa (between the southern tip of sumatra and northern tip of java) may yet erupt, H1N1, meningitis and a host of other global phenomena. I have cancelled a few trips already. A few others may soon be cancelled.
When Prof Langdon requested to research the archives of the vatican, he was asked? do you believe in god? He started by saying...I am an academic....( go see the movie yourself to know what else he said...hehe). Can I go back to sleep now folks?

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