Sunday, September 29, 2013

ITS 2009 Khaeruddin Sudharmin..London

I was a hit at this International Summit in London in 2009. Spoke on 'Motor Takaful: A Promising Oasis or a Treacherous Mirage?'...whatever that means hahaha... 

If anyone out there who drops by at my blogpost and would like to invite me for a speaking engagement, to chair or to moderate or be a panelist at your conference or seminar, you may reach me at, or or whatsapp me at +60193224344. My skype ID is bambangwibowo

Well, it used to be FoC or national service or service to no longer is the case ok? hahaha...just pay for my flight and hotel and I'd be only too happy to consider. 

But, if you're going to be making lots of money from your'll need to ask me privately..for my rates....hehehe

Have a good day  and enjoy the rest of the weekend hard feelings..its all economics ok...kuang3x. 


Prof K

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

of jerusalemthemovie and eid mubarak...

A friend emailed me a url 'jerusalemthemovie'. I have been watching it again and again. Awesome cinematography. While understanding 1500 years of history and the world's 3 great monotheism. Not many people know that the church of sepulcher, the caretaker, the guys who hold the keys and open it every morning and closing it in the evening, for generations, are two trusted muslim families... ok lets leave Jerusalem and masjidil Al Aqsa and come closer home...

Not too long ago i wrote about eid mubarak and some peculiar if not a common phenomena, that takes place during raya especially eidul fitr (not so much during eidul adha). About family siblings rushing home to kampong and if you're not 'darah biru' or 'bergelar'  or 'knighted' as the brits call it'd probably have to sleep in the kitchen area. And talking about the kitchen area, try not to mess around the kitchen cabinets ok...

Some new observations for this year's eid. Siblings who come home without their partner or spouse. Or  siblings who no longer bother to come home or go elsewhere for reasons known only to themselves. I noticed that that is quite common among families. I may be wrong and a brutal generalisation may not be appropriate or do justice here. I do apologise if that's not true. There was a family who recently lost their mum and dad. Most congregated back home for raya. There was an obvious change in mood. People were friendlier, caring and cooperative and one can feel that togetherness in the air that has been missing for quite awhile actually. Unlike those days of yonder. Full of pretense, cloak and dagger stuff, petty jealousies or rivalries, if you may. I think that's a good sign and a good omen. Life is short, good things in life are ever so brief..I say this time and again. ok ok..what about your family when you got home this time around? Was it better or was it as ever..pathetic?...huhuhu.

Sorry folks, this should have been posted somewhere sometime during that eid mubarak period.  People are already into the hajj or pilgrimage season (for us muslims) and october 15 is eidul adha. Or 'hari raya korban' as they say it in malay.