Monday, May 25, 2009

of family days, teachers, bloggers and double Os...

Last saturday I was at the family day of the Federal Inspectorate and Quality Assurance Division of the Ministry of Education at Putrajaya. I fell down on the school field track tarmac during the couple race and injured my face...uwaa. Earlier on was the senamrobik and am only feeling the effects now. right arm seems to have been strained by the long absence of any tennis, swimming or other exercises...hahaha. You know you're in the golden age club when all these ailments begin to emerge...hehehe. But that aside, it was a great fun day. The warga JNJK putrajaya must have enjoyed the family day. Kudos to the Chief Inspectorate, YBhg Dato' Ghaffar for initiating the event. The first one, I was told. Guess who I met? hahaha ...Cikgu Fadhil, our former sports master when I was at Sek Menengah Inggeris Port Dickson (1967-1971). We have not met since I left school. Still looking fit and no signs of the unwanted tummy (hehe). During his time the school produced a few MSSM athletes and sportsmen, the school is very proud of. Federal level, not state level ok? (hehe). Correct me Suku, on this too Tiru, cos Cikgu Fadzil mentions only the both of you bro...hahaha....and oh ya..Michael Mok and Lee Cheng Eng and Mohd Rom too...hehe.
This morning, during breakfast at the Mamakshop in my neighbourhood, I briefly caught up with Datuk A Kadir Jasin, Nuraina and Rocky Bru...hahaha. Datuk AKJ in his recent post reminisced his school days too, and gave tribute to his conjunction with the recent teachers days celebrations..hehe.
Yesterday, as with some sundays, I like to watch my favourite DVDs again and again on my VAIO hehe. Let me see if you can guess what the movie was. Here are some of the script:
"Utter one more syllable and I will have you killed!"
"This may be too much of a blunt instrument to understand, but arrogance and self-awareness seldom go hand in hand"
" So, you want me to be half monk and half hit-man?"
"Any thug can kill, I want you to take your ego out of the equation, and I want you to judge the situation dispassionately"....hahaha. Have you guessed the movie yet?


Sukumaran Nair said...

Hi Khae,
Yes I met Cik'gu Fadzil at our reunion in 2007. He looks great doesn't he. Puts us all to shame! Yes there quite a few MSSM-level athletes in a variety of sports from our school. Rom, Hadi, Parahsakthi, late Ragavelu. Not to mention Suku (100M) and Tiru (800&1,500M). And this is just our batch. Before and after,there were many more-Hua Pan, Loga, Fong Kiat, Gerry, Gin Shyian, Shaw Feng,Ket Ping, etc!

Tom Hagen said...

Commented "007", but maybe your blog-sphere self censored short comments.

Tom Hagen said...

Bos, bila nak "update" blog ni??