Monday, December 26, 2011

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Friday, December 23, 2011

unfinished business?...

Hi..sorry to all who visited, if only to find that I have not updated it since the last one, sometime back in May. A lot has taken place since. The year has been somewhat tumultuous. But I shall not bore you with sad stories. Plenty actually. As if the eurozone debt crisis and the looming global recession (what? again?) isn't enough...hmmm.

I have been reading quite a bit too since, despite corporate demands both at the group and operating levels, and postgraduate classes that demands my attention over the weekends. I need to read something else too, to take me away from my literature review, journals, academic writings, articles, books etc etc conceptual, theoretical and research frameworks bla bla bla...haha.  This one, I picked at Borders (ya I know they have filed for chapter 11 in the US) the Gardens Mall, MidValley, Kuala Lumpur, is a good one. I was glad I picked it up...

We are almost at end of 2011 and while we are optimistic at the prospects of 2012, we are however, mindful or at the least, not overly disturbed, I hope... by global economic scenario or probably affected by the fears depicted in the movie '2012' of the global apocalypse or the end of the world as prophesied by many ancient cultures (incas, mayans and what have you..haha)... So, I guess books like Lee Kravitz's '...unfinished business...' is an excellent way to reflect upon one's life. Not so much of trying to do the right things, but of trying to catch up or do the things one has always wanted to do, but never had the time to do so...

Unfinished Business is about one man's extraordinary year of trying to do the right things. And to quote Publishers Weekly 'Kravitz is a thoughtful writer, and his memoirs  reveals a delicate personal journey'. Over the last two years, I come across a lot of new terms like re-defining, rein-venting, re-thinking, re-doing, re-living....and this book is a timely reminder about what life is all about and probably might strike a chord with those of us who have been trapped in the relentless pursuit of work and career. (Which is not to mean that they are unimportant).

The blurp on the back page read: '...after losing his job, Lee Kravitz - a man who had always worked too hard and too much - took stock of his life and decided to spend an entire year making amends and re-connecting with the people and the parts of himself he had neglected. Kravitz embarked on ten journeys, traveling everywhere from a refugee camp in Kenya to a monastery in California and learned along the way that the things we let slip are exactly those that have the power to transform, enrich, enlarge, and complete us.' Hmm transform? what about structured and institutionally directed 'transformation' programs? hehehe

So, folks, if you are thinking or in the midst of reviewing your 'new year resolution' list, I suggest you stop and pause a moment to have a glimpse at what Kravitz has to share. Merry Christmas and a happy new year my friends, silent loyal and casual visitors alike...hehehe