Thursday, May 07, 2009

pangkor treatise? part 2...hehe

a rare shot with former malaysian Thomas Cupper (Datuk Tan Yee Khan of the famous Yee Khan-Boon Bee doubles team) in front of his seaview resort at pasir bogak (bogarde?)...

labour day meh? so kene naik bas pekerja lar...hehehe

jangan jadi Belanda mintak some politician recently lamented (hehe)

went to school until form 5 at pangkor, upon finishing school repair jetski engines...they love the place so much...mebbe not time yet to be adventurous (evil wink)

i hope the ferry has nothing to do with duta yap (wink) remember him don't you?

I am tempted to blog about pangkor, in detail, and what we all did last labour day holidays at pangkor but on second thots naaah...I shall not bore you. Surely you can google plenty of information and stuff about pangkor and all its splendour. Otherwise YTL and others (including the late Pavarotti) would not have made investments on this gem of an island, a malaysian island. You have plenty of choices to stay at, ranging from a RM2000 a night heavenly getaway to a lower lifeform geronimo i mean err guantanamo bay type barrack...hahaha.

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