Friday, May 30, 2008

National Science Schools Prime Minister's Debating Trophy

Hey guys...whatever you have achieved, your advancement throughout the competition was a great attempt ok? I know it wasn't an easy task. You guys I was told, fought admirably to the very end. That's the spirit boys and girls! The learning, the experience was far more important, to me.... you will know what I mean 10 or 15 years from now...hehe

Sunday, May 25, 2008

ceo bfast talk...newsclip...

Cars, Bikes & Trucks Section of The New Sunday Times today, carried a report of our MRC inaugural CEO Breakfast Talk by Jason Moseley, chief operating officer (COO), THATCHAM, UK ( and soft launch of our inaugural Malaysian Claims Monitor, a report meant for our Malaysian Motor/General Insurance CEOs. Thank you bro Yamin Vong for sending your chap to cover the event at JW Marriott KL last thursday... It is Bank Holiday in the UK tomorrow (Monday) and since it is also a school holiday for the next 2 weeks...hmm perhaps I should also take a holiday and visit Pedra Branca? O ya, menyentuh topik itu, saya ingin menasihati pembaca yang memberi komentar tentang blogpost saya kemaren, bahawa saya hanya akan menyiarkan komentar mereka yang punyai identitas yg tidak mencurigai. Saya juga hanya akan meladeni komentar yang tidak berunsur hasutan atau confrontative yang mana bisa mengusutkan lagi keadaan atau yang boleh mengganggu hubungan baik antara negara-negara jiran...hehe

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pedra Branca (..atau Pulau Batu Putih)

inscribed on front in ink: T Robertson, 1882;
Painted in oil; 620x430mm
From the Cape of Singapura lyeth a cliffe in ye sea called Pedra bianque (Branca), or white rock, where the shippers that come and goe to from China passe in great danger and some are left upon it. (From Linschoten 1583)
Today, exactly 148 years ago, a flotilla of three ships arrived off Pedra Branca (Pulau Batu Putih) with the Governor, Colonel William Butterworth, aboard. It was Queen Victoria's birthday and it had been chosen as the most appropriate day for a masonic laying of the foundation stone. When I heard the news over the radio yesterday evening, in the car on my way home, that the rights to Pedra Branca or Pulau Batu Putih had been accorded to Singapore,I must say that it was another sad news for the nation, and for me too that merits (in some decent form) mourning. Ya, Tun Mahathir's exit from UMNO yadda, yadda, yadda...I shall not repeat what Datuk A Kadir Jasin ( has commented in his blog. Oleh itu (ek Malay plax? hahaha)...saya terpanggil untuk menyajikan anda sekelian...beberapa fakta dari dokumen2 lama yang ada di dalam simpanan saya supaya ada sumber selain daripada yang telah dikemukakan oleh pembesar negara kita. Saya pernah bergambar di depan bangunan ICJ di The Hague di bulan september 2004. Setidak-tidaknya ia boleh meningkatkan inventori elmu kepada dan di kalangan adik2 bijakbestari yang membaca blog saya ini....

Sebaik sahaja tiba di rumah, saya terus mengeluarkan buku ini dari koleksi buku2 saya:

The Thomson Paintings: Mid-Nineteenth Century Paintings of the Straits Settlements and Malaya by John Hall-Jones (Oxford University Press, 1983)....

The Thomson Paintings represents a selection from the collection of paintings of J T Thomson, government surveyor to the British Colonial administration of Singapore from 1841 to 1853. Containing forty (40) paintings reproduced including fifteen paintings of the early towns of Singapore, five of Malacca, three of Penang, one of Rhio, four of the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, anda series showing the construction of Singapore's first lighthouse, the Horsburgh Lighthouse, in the Singapore Strait. Painted with the eye of an architect, they are not only remarkable as works of art but also as an invaluable record of early Singapore and parts of Malaysia. Dr John Hall-Jones, A New Zealander, is the great-grandson of the painter and in introducing the paintings to the reader has illustrated his text with liberal quotations from Thomson's own writings...


inscribed on back in ink:

Horsburgh Lighthouse. China Sea. J.T.Thomson C.E. 1851.

Painted in oil; 680x440mm

In 1847 Thomson landed on Pedra Branca to set up a trial of bricks and mortars. But when he returned after the winter monsoon he found that most of the bricks had been washed away. The lighthouse would have to be built of nothing less than granite, he concluded (J T Thomson, 'Account of the Horsburgh Lighthouse', Journal of the Indian Archipelago, Singapore, 1852, pp 376-498), 'set in the best hydraulic cement'. Special provisions would also have to be made against attacks by pirates. 'The sea tribes of the immediate vicinity', he records 'are notorious for their piratical propensities. They have no compunction in murdering all their victims to destroy all traces of evidence against them.' He designed a tower with the lighthouse-keeper's room at the very top, 'the tower to be entered by strong doors reached by a ladder which could be drawn up inside when necessary'. The lighthouse was to be manned by eight man all equipped with firearms and it was to be stocked with enough food and water to withstand a siege of six months. Work commenced on the lighthouse in 1849 when Thomson established himself on the rock with a construction gang of Chinese, Indians and Malays. The Chinese ' were all inverate opium smokers', he recounts. Eleven of the Indians were convicts and 'three had the word "Murder" tattooed on their brows'. Only the Malays could be trusted and these he placed around his shelter of palm leaves on the rock. (extracted from page 68 of 'The Thomson Paintings')


inscribed on front in ink:

Gunboat Nancy, Horsburgh Lighthouse. 1851. Bintang Hills (on left)

Painted in watercolour, 280x 220mm
After the blocks were cut they were transported out to Pedra Branca (about 25 miles away) on lighters escorted by gunboats, of which the Nancy was one. Initially the Nancy was more of a hindrance than a help and matters came to a head when the whole ship's company went on a strike. 'During the night a heavy squall blew from the south-west', records Thomson (Journal of the Indian Archipelago, Singapore, 1852, pp 376-498)

( extracted from pages 78-79 of 'The Thomson Paintings')


inscribed on front in ink:

Horsburgh Lighthouse on Pedra Branca, 1851

painted in watercolour 220x280mm

On May 24, 1850, the masons, upon landing, marshalled themselves in order of rank and then led by the 'Tyler with Drawn Sword' they marched solemnly in procession to the top of the rock. There, the Governor, (perhaps in some anxiety to be away from the storm-prone rock as quickly as possible) urged that the ceremony 'proceed with the least practicable delay'. After speeches by the 'Worshipful Master' and His Excellency, who called for three hearty cheers for the Queen', the assembled company parted ranks to allow the Governor to return to the landing first. That evening a dinner was held aboard the Hooghly to which 'the Governor and his guests did ample justice'. (extracted from page 80 of 'The Thomsn Paintings')

I was just wondering why ICJ made the decisions yesterday. I guess one of it is probably because certain parties would like to have it done to coincide or to mark with today's historical masonic laying of the foundation stone at Pedra Branca (Pulau Batu Putih). I dunno, I may be wrong hehe. Terlalu banyak yang tersurat dan yang tersirat... I leave you to imagine what else we missed out, did or did not do 148 years ago....hmmm. I was excited and so happy when I read a few days before, in the mainstream media, of the bright prospects to our claim of Pulau Batu Putih... but alas.....I was greatly dissapointed! Have a great weekend folks and don't forget its also a 2-week off for the schools...hahaha..if you know what i mean....

another nicety...heehee

Sujeeta Malar has endorsed your work as Managing Director at Motordata Research Consortium .
Dear Khaeruddin, I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendation: "Khaeruddin has a proven track record of being a People Manager, being able to balance between work and personal life, amongst his subordinates. His management style is simply recommendable and has strong business acumen in the IT industry."
Thanks Sujeeta. Just like the Hull University Alumni tagline: friendships are made for life...hehe

Visitors from THATCHAM...

Mike Paterson, Jason Moseley COO of THATCHAM posing for the 'one for the album' digital shot at my office on wednesday may 21st. About 10 minutes ago they should have been on that Emirates flight back to London. Besides the CEO breakfast talk, they had good meetings with SIRIM, UniAsia and Takaful Ikhlas. Jason said he will be back here in March 2009 for the F1..hehe... Both of them had a fun time exercising their bargaining and negotiation skills at Petaling Street! hahaha...have a great weekend folks!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

MRC inaugural CEO Breakfast Talk & Soft Launch of The Malaysian Claims Monitor

Jason Moseley, Chief Operating Officer, The Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre (THATCHAM) UK, sharing the UK experience with some CEOs of Malaysian General Insurance, Adjusting Firms, Bodyshops, Automotive Franchise & Manufacturers and other stakeholders in the motor insurance and vehice repair industry at the JW Marriott, Kuala Lumpur this morning...

Undivided attention by Bank Negara Malaysia rep (the central bank), MRC board member, Deputy Chairman of General Insurance Association of Malaysia (PIAM), Malaysian Takaful Association (MTA), President the Malaysian Repairers Association (FOWOAM), President of the Malaysian Adjusters Association (AMLA), COO of UniAsia... et al

Thank you to all who accepted our invitation. Jason updated the industry on developments in the UK market nd MRC too took the opportunity to update our progress. The soft launch of the industry report done by BNM rep, ensued. The whole affair was over by 1145 am...Fuh..what relief! hehe....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

a matter of opinion....

This was the most delightful & flattering message in my Gmail this morning. It really brightened up my day! It was from Houston, Texas...
Nik H Ressler has endorsed your work as Managing Director at Motordata Research Consortium.
Dear Khaeruddin,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.
Details of the Recommendation:
"Khaeruddin is an accomplished business man and thought leader in the Malaysian business community. He brings a wealth of information, knowledge, experience and the network to many business and corporate professionals and proteges in the metroplex. He is unassuming yet notable in his charming disposition. Khaeruddin is able to turn a dry intellectual topic into a great humorous conversation or lecture. That's a huge gift every left brain could use. It's a great priviledge to know Khaeruddin in business and to have as a friend."
Thank you Nik, when everything seemed lost in hopelessness...suddenly there was light at the end of the tunnel...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I had a stinging criticism about what I have been blogging . Ya's all about content right? But then again, there are blogs and there are blogs. Mine, in case some people miss it (read the fineprint 0n my masthead ok?) is essentially a journal blog and ecclectic at that too. Anything goes really, ramblings, musings, sometimes it may be Greek to some, sometimes it may sound a bit vulgar to others. I apologise for such insensitivities or carelessness on my part, if any. And for the season hand in blogosphere, blogs come in all shapes and sizes, and serves all sorts of functions. Their categories range from hobbies to technology. And I am sure you will not disagree with me, blogging's growing role in politics, journalism, education and business, especially after the recent GE2008! Anyway, even after a few stinging criticisms, I am not discouraged. Something I found out I like to do. Well, much like an addiction if you may...hehe. As much as I am really really tempted to give my views and/or political comments...hehe I shall refrain from doing so, for now...I have declared much earlier on, that my blog will endevour to remain apolitical!..

I spent a couple of hours with high IQ and promising young kids today, 7As and above in their PMR and they were preparing for an upcoming important school debate. Interesting topics and quite challenging too I must admit..hehe. If the boys had captured 50% of what I had rambled on this morning, I think that would be really some achievement! hahaha. Good luck your mom & dad and your school proud ok?

Friday, May 16, 2008

launching of ampangpoint alliance bank branch...

YBhg Datuk Bridget Lai (Group CEO) rendering her welcome address, while the CEO of Alliance Islamic Berhad, Yahaya Ibrahim listens on attentively..hehe

Eh eh Cik Siti...jangan sampai jatuh plax reben tuh...heheh

The key man in any lion dance the lions rely on his drumming. One wrong hit...and that's it...the lion could fall off the pole...18 feet above ground...hahaha.

I was invited for the launch of Alliance Bank/Islamic Bank Branch at Ampangpoint yesterday, May 15th at 2 pm. I caught up with Datuk Bridget Lai the Group CEO/Director of the Allliance Financial Group. She is afterall a Hull graduate (fellow imperial alumnus..hahaha). The good news is when I told her that I am the new president for Hull Alumni Malaysia, she pledged her support for all our activities..hehe. Thank you YBhg Datuk...we will be knocking at your door pretty soon! hehe. Yahya was my CIM classmate at UiTM way back aeons ago...hahaha. During the opening, the lion dance performance caught my attention. We do live in interesting times! Looking at it from a more liberal and global perspective, afterall, there are more muslims in China you know? and there has been cultural and religious tolerance in Zinjiang Autonomous Region Northwest China, since the great ancient days of the Silk Route. I had the privilege of spending 10 days at Urumqi (capital of Zinjiang), Turfan (the 2nd lowest spot below sea level after the Dead Sea) where probably one of the oldest mosques in the world still stands; ChengDu capital of Sichuan Province (currently experiencing earthquakes) about 10 years ago (1999). We flew back on 9.9.99...on a day of the global Y2K alert and worry. The only comforting thing was that we flew back in a brand new Boeing 757 from Urumqi to ChengDu...hehe. Not so long ago, the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia presented an exhibition of Six Centuries of Islamic Art in China. Lion dances are cultural and it is part of our tourism showcase anyway! hehe...

editing of annual report 2007...jeng3x

A picture is worth a thousand words. the pix above in a sense, crystallises, depicts, or manifests the moods, cheers, joys, excitement, frustrations of each and everyone who were at (you know where lah) doing what lah...kan folks? If you were there...need i say more? hehe.
I rest my case counselors!...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

redefining ethics & morality in marketing? ...hehe

The article below was emailed to the President of the Institute of Marketing Malaysia. Look out for it in the forthcoming issue of their journal/magazine....
Redefining Ethics & Morality in Marketing
(Originally a 2 hour public lecture @Universiti Tun Abdul Razak,UNITAR)
By Khaeruddin Sudharmin

Marketing has been viewed sheepishly and maltifariously by various stakeholders. It is a boon and a bane, an opportunity and a threat, that keep the world economy growing so it seems. It can sometimes be fashionably oxymoronic. Its what Vance Packard once crystallized in his book ‘The Hidden Persuaders’ about mysterious consumer behaviours. With comtemporary and innovative ideas about marketing flooding both business and academic literature, one can get lost in this schidzophrenia. One of the 50 Gurus who have shaped the future of Marketing, Bapak Hermawan Kartajaya, President of the World Marketing Association, has blended the latest marketing trend with a conceptual foundation subltly redefining ethics and morality in marketing at the same time. There has never been a more interesting time now than ever before, for marketers to seize the opportunity to emulate and adopt latest advanced marketing concepts born out of the rapid development in information and technology especially the internet, to confront head-on, todays’ consumer expectations of greater transparency and corporate social responsibility. The writer contends that the fact that there now emerge loud calls for redefinition of ethics & morality in marketing, suggesting that there exist unethical practices that need to be aligned.

Marketing is the management function that identifies, anticipates and satisfy consumer wants at a profit. That was the definition by The Institute of Marketing (UK) way back in 1975 that I grew up with. Over the years I saw plenty of rebranding taking place. During my time it was ‘The World is our market’ And we would be proudly printing it on our white longfellow cheap (sourced from Klang) t-shirt or sometimes printed on the slightly more upmarket t-shirt during those days (the fruit of the loom). That should at least get the more gorgeous girls to even take a second look at us. Then the theme IM well CIM now, changed to Marketing is Business. In those days, and I bet even until today, we have never really convinced the public at large the distinct differences between Sales & Marketing. Although for a long time now attempts had been made to put in place to structure the discipline, putting the framework, policies, attempting to meet theory and practice at some point. And of course the fashionable thing to do is always the unending quest to impress upon would be marketeers, that marketing is strategic and therefore should be at the forefront of business, whatever that might be.

Let us quickly take a look first at wikipedia (the free online dictionary) has to say about the definitions of ethics and morality. Ethics is a major branch of philosophy, encompassing right conduct and good life. It is significantly broader than the common conception of analyzing right and wrong. A central aspect of ethics is "the good life", the life worth living or life that is satisfying, which is held by many philosophers to be more important than moral conduct.

Ethics and morals are respectively akin to theory and practice. Ethics denotes the theory of right action and the greater good, while morals indicate their practice. "Moral" has a dual meaning. The first indicates a person's comprehension of morality and his capacity to put it into practice. In this meaning, the antonym is "amoral", indicating an inability to distinguish between right and wrong. The second denotes the active practice of those values. In this sense, the antonym is "immoral", referring to actions that violate ethical principles. Personal ethics signifies a moral code applicable to individuals, while social ethics means moral theory applied to groups. Social ethics can be synonymous with social and political philosophy, in as much as it is the foundation of a good society or state. Ethics is not limited to specific acts and defined moral codes, but encompasses the whole of moral ideals and behaviors, a person's philosophy of life (or Weltanschauung).

Redefining ethics & morality in marketing is disturbing to me because it suggests and perhaps confirms my long suspicion about the unethical and immoral marketing practices that we may perhaps all have been subjected to. With globalisation, greater access to products and services, consumer awareness and demand for greater transparency, going green, corporate social responsibility and what have you, the whole game has overturned. There is mounting pressure from all sides expecting marketeers to practice higher ethical and moral standards.

Ethics, morality, law, these three things are corelated in a sense. Yes and no. Ethics: what is deem ethical in one state, society, may be unethical in another domain. Some laws allow for what seems unethical practice in another society or tribe. What is morally acceptable in certain societies, culture may be taboo in another. Much like Samuel P Huttington’s Clash of Civilisation sort of! Again, when one talks of morality…by whose standards? One could be accused of playing God or taking upon oneself as a moral police. Ethics and morality issues to me therefore can have dual dimensions. One at the local level where the definitions must comply with local culutre and the other one, which can be addressed concurrently. At the generic universal precept level where what is ethical and moral is universally accepted by everyone globally. It is still a dicey issue, like corruption for example, they are interpreted differently in different societies and nations. But corruption is corruption. Corrupt business (oh well, marketing!) practice will be damaging in the long run.

Earth had become Venus so says Bapak Hermawan Kartajaya. He goes on to propagate the idea that the advancement of information technology, instead of turning Earth inhabitants to become robot-like, is in contrary turning them into a more holistic human, loaded with emotions and feelings. Earth inhabitants according to him is not turning to be more rational, yet becoming more emotional like Venusians. And I like to add that they have become much more demanding and expect nothing but the best, they want to know what ingedients you use, where did you source them? Were they organically farmed, are they genetically modified? These are serious ethics and morality issues organisations need to deal with the new wave comsumers. When John Gray wrote that ‘men are from Mars and women are from Venus’. He sspoke of the man who travelled from Mars to Venus to find woman. Together they travelled to earth, a planet where conflicts coloured the life of both man and woman. Some of Bapak Hermawan’s guiding principles and models that will be of value to marketeers include: products and services should be an experience; involving customers in the business process; customer insight is the best tool to find out the customers’ hidden needs; viewing the market dynamically, using infinte segmentation; community is the best channel and finally emphathy has a significant contribution in service. To me if you get it right the first time, ethics and morality embedded in your marketing plans right from the beginning rather than an afterthought, then the world is your market!

Fast moving global companies are quick and sensitive to their customer and market needs. We see that most innovative companies begin their vision & mission statement with a commitment to high ethical standards especially to those companies that are expected, always, to observe their own first and foremost code of ethics, examples of which are medicine, pharmaceuticals, professional services, accounting, and of course many more. Even the ancient institution of bultlerdom too have their own sacred code of ethics. Go read the book by Kazuo Ishiguro ‘The Remains of the Day’ and there’s also a movie from Columbia Pictures starring Anthony Hopkins, again, my favourite actor, if you are lazy to read the book. I think it is being screened on ASTRO right now. As I was saying, forward looking global companies constantly re-look at their core businesses. For example these 2 companies, Abbot Laboratories and Pitney Bowes, each company went on to redefine its core and periphery and become a leader in a sector that had once been peripheral to it. Abbot Laboratories; it defined its core as ethical pharmaceuticals but expanded its visions to consider a broad range of products that lower the cost of healthcare. Pitney Bowes. It traditionally define its core as postage meters and mail handling but it expanded its vision to take up a wide range of related back-office market trends.

Perhaps it can be argued that they may just be corporate rebranding or realignment exercises or just a spin-job exercise much like old wine in new bottle or rearranging the same old furniture in the same old room sort of.

Redefining ethics and morality in marketing it seems to me is no longer an option. As consumers ourselves we do experience and look out for companies that does not exhibit ethics and morality in their products services or marketing practices. In a world where choice is abundant, consumers will always look for alternatives or initiate hostile defiance towards your products or services. In today’s real-time online new media, it doesn’t take long to bring any entity down. It spreads like new viral strains in blogosphere and if you don’t have your own corporate blog to defend yourselves, your guess is as good as mine.

The writer, Khaeruddin Sudharmin , MBA (UK), LS7037, Fellow PWI (UK), is Managing Director & Chief Executive Motordata Research Consortium (MRC) Malaysia in partnership with THATCHAM UK, concurrently also Group Corporate Secretary HeiTech Padu Berhad, was a keynote speaker at IBIS2006 Global Forum, Montreaux, Switzerland, columnist for Sydney-based industry journal BodyshopNewsAsia and President of the University of Hull Alumni Association in Malaysia 2008/2009.

3 hour Guest Lecture at FSTEP...

Dr Kamal Khir CEO of IBBM (Malaysian Institute of Banks) presenting me with a token of appreciation a couple of hours ago at FSTEP, Dataran Takaful, Kg Attap, Kuala Lumpur. I had just finished an almost 3 hour motivation lecture to about 300 FSTEP participants. They are fresh grads mostly, from local and overseas universities. Ages ranging from 24-30. They are at the tail-end of a special training program to prepare them for jobs in the financial sectors (banks, finance companies, insurance, both conventional and islamic). If they can remember the stories, management/leadership parables and wise words from various gurus, I would have done my job. I gave the topic as 'exploring uncommon sen(se) - an eclectic discourse. So, it was supposed to be fun, motivating and some serious academic stuff (haha..juz kidding). Really, if they can remember the tibetan monk story, how cooking was discovered, rule no, 6 and the right exposure...hehe...they are on a fine start to a great future into a management/leadership career in the financial services sector. I wish all of them well. Good luck people!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

may 8 black t-shirt thursday...

Last thursday may 8, with khoo past president of hull alumni malaysia at oldtown white coffee kopitiam, sunway damansara. He handed over the symbolic presidential neckpiece...

That's a great grin from Khoo...he says hello to everyone... shared with me some awesome, eye-opening stories of his experiences in Syria...

the symbolic hull university alumni malaysia neckpiece..oh well necklace...hehe

a rare shot of the meeting of the minds of 2 sons of the soil of the same roots...hahaha. Except that one is Pahang-born, the other Johore-born. Notice the similar Kojak/Bruce Willis hairdo...hahahaha. Was at Ismail Associates office last thursday for our annual report editing. Caught up with Encik Ismail the taiko himself. Picked his brain for my upcoming 3 hour session with about 300 young fresh grads at this FSTEP tingy at dataran takaful next wednesday and we came up with this quite catchy topic for my talk: 'Exploring Uncommon Sen(se)...'

what do you think fellas? ok or not? hehe...enjoy the weakend...hihi

Monday, May 05, 2008

images of terengganu V...

Hi fellas, by the time you read my blogpost (for those who read lar...hehe) I am back in Kuala Lumpur. arrived at 5pm. We left bubu resort at 8 well about 830am...the water taxi was late and then was picking some other passengers at sharks point (flora resort). I was wearing the aberystwyth university alumni golf tshirt and this welsh girl smiled, kept looking at my tshirt then said that she lives about 10 minutes before aberystwyth in Wales..haha. She has been working at flora resort almost 2 years now. Well, time to go home. Me , I can't be an islander forever can you? Yezz you can actually. It's choices people make hehe...some last shots before we left pulau perhentian kecil...enjoy...

hurmm breakfast looks yummy too...wait till you try the soft-inside omelette...heavenly..haha

my good fren, Zaidon, the resident manager (partly hidden) briefing or was it debriefing(?) a group of young Tailor's college students in hotel catering, doing their practical at bubu longbeach resort...
wow...a hammock..this is the life...the diving local boys asked me to try it..hehe. I have decided to do this as often as I can when I retire...hahaha no more sadistic board meetings.hahaha. Tired of ***shit corporate life. Especially in an environment where money talks & ***shit walks...heheh so I heard some young professionals tell me. There may be some grain of truth you know? hehe...but then again...hmmm I do get bored easily...hahahahaha...

Last night Don, blanja me this awesome sotong (giant squid hehe) lightly barbecued, half-cooked. OMG! you must try it. Potato jackets and all and superb salad....and knowlah what it should go down your throat with...hehe. I leave that to you exquisit gastronomic guess..hehe. Adios, sayonara was a great 3 days and 2 nights revoir...thanks fellas Don, Salim (the chef) and all the cheerful friendly people that made our stay memorable.. we will be back, I promise you...haha

Sunday, May 04, 2008

images of terengganu IV...

sunday 4th may, our annual MRC retreat at bubu long beach resort, pulau perhentian kecil and i am still having my vaio and all the other tech gadgets just like other road warriors elsewhere...haha. you're suppose to relax right? having cappucino checking my mails, updating my blog hehe...occasional dip into the crystal clear (shark infested hehe) waters, cuci mata sikit2 hehe, and oh ya...must not forget t tell the boys to arrange for quick visit to nearby pulau susu dara kecil and pulau susu dara besar...hahaha..(that's my idea of relaxation hihi)

and you need not go all the way down to bora bora in the south pacific, we have our own paradise right here at home....

familiar footsteps huh? my early morning brisk walk checking out pulau perhentian kecil...hehe

sunrise at bubu longbeach resort....

dungun boys i chatted with this morning on the way back after the brisk walk. Sabri, the fellow in the the centre, can arrange for scuba diving and your PADI license. But you need at least four (4) days, and be prepared to put aside RM1500 no less ..hehe...

Shah our guide emeritus ( he is a loss adjuster in KL...hehe) walking along the beach with Anna. Anna, French girl working in India as a freelance content travel writer, who joined us for the swimming with the sharks adventure this morning. She hails from Lyons, South of France...

Saturday, May 03, 2008

images of terengganu III...

Bubu Resort not bad. Quite fofuler wif matsalehs (kwailos) hehe...

No that's not curry puff (karipap). It's called temosa. No no no, not samosir either. It's like a curry puff but instead of the usual chicken or beef and potatoes inside, it's fish patty..

that's all there is for BBQ? hmm doesn't look much isn't it? was rationed by the staff...only 2 each for the first round..hahaha. so, if you're going for the second round, they'd gladly serve you. I think they must have learnt from the habits of the kiasu behaviour of a certain neighbouring country of ours, where filling up ones' plate to the brim was a norm. And then not finishing it...uwaaa uhuhu...what a bloody waste, isn't it? hehe

Wow, guess what this is? No...wrong answer...hahaha. That was a special blue marlin fish the resort boys got it from kuala besut. I have never tasted blue marlin ever before in my life, so the resort boys did a fantastic medium-well grill for really must try it...highly recommended. Unfortunately, you must come to kuala besut to get it. You can't get blue marlin meat in kuala lumpur..hehe

No no, that's not blue marlin ...oh well not even lavender marlin...hahaha. These guys are scuba divers or wannabes....heheh....

images of terengganu II ..

Early morning breakfast chat at the kuala besut jetty. Wonder what these fellas are gossipping about..hehe. Not the fate of their son of the soil i hope? haha...looks more like the modern day myth of the lazy natives? hurmm

When you're going to an island, never, ever forget the basic tool, the sun block. Forget the keris. You can either leave it at home or hang it in a huge frame in your office...hehe

Bubu Long Beach Resort boys preparing our buffet dinner..haha

Bubu boys rolling up the beach the single most important item for survival on the island: diesel, without which the generators will be dead and you will be absolutely inconvenienced...especially blokes who are pampered with the luxuries of life in Kuala Lumpur...hahaha

with my some of my very the malaysian automotive database research chaps. all work on no play makes even singham, nicholas, yamani and rais dull techies..haha