Tuesday, May 05, 2009

of snobs and brutal honesty...

Sometime back I shared some timesonline articles about oxbridge and some tips to get pass their entry tests (hehe). I hope it was useful to some parents and wannabe prospective students. This link http://timesonline.typepad.com/schoolgate/2009/04/why-the-snobbery-against-less-wellknown-universities.html I just read would appeal to young frens who have just graduated or will be graduating this year. So you don't feel so bad or demoralised when you find it difficult to get jobs upon graduating. Especially if you are under pressure to get a fairly good job or a 'cosy' secured stable job with the government (eh hello...not anymore ok? those days are over..you're expected to slog away like your compadres in the private sector ok? wink). Or if your folks kat kampong tells you time and again that if you want a good or better job, you need a university education..or is it? (wink). Do read the article about this fresh graduate Sarah, from a 'mickey mouse' university (as some of the snobs and brutally honest chappies refer to it), and the blog responses. It seems to me that it is all the same everywhere in the world. So my young graduating frens...don't despair yet..you're not alone...hehe. You may like to share this with your UIA graduating class 'Sir' Zul?

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