Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2nd Islamic Venture Capital and Private Equity Conference...

deputy finance minister II during conference lar...hehehe

brother shamsir, brade k (brouhahah), SUSK n Pegawai Khas timb. menteri II..hehehe

I got a special invitation to attend the opening of the 2nd Islamic Venture Capital and Private Equity Conference 2009 at the KL Convention Centre this morning. I arrived late, blooody jam in the Smart Tunnel. The Minister, owh well, Deputy Minister of Finance II, Senator Datuk Dr Awang Adek arrived before me...heehee. Ya ya sessions again (jangan mare) hehe. Kudos to IBFIM (Islamic Banking and Finance Institute of Malaysia) for successfully organising the conference. There were no less than 200 delegates at a time when everywhere I hear training providers (including MIM) lamenting a 40% drop in participation in conferences, seminars and training programs. Signs of the times I guess. Prof Dr Bruno of Italy was one of the international speakers I had met twice during the 1st and 2nd International Takaful Summit in London. I was asked by my gud fren Shamshir (IBFIM program director) to stay for lunch (hehe tak malu lagi...heehee). Always good to be around Datuk Dr Adenan Alias, the CEO. Someone had asked me to ask the speakers or delegates if they knew anything about 'musyarakah ventures' which I did not. Perhaps I would, by text aje kot (?) hehe, besok?

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Loyal visitor again..huhu,
wow ..really impressed! Send my regards to all your fellow there, specially Mr. Shamsir?..HAPPY VICTORY MR. KHAER.