Saturday, April 05, 2008

..of PNB's 30th anniversary dinner and Datuk Raof's Son's wedding reception

You would have probably noticed that I have not been updating my blog as frequently as I used to. Well, for one, I am still 'under repair' still 'a bit under the weather' as the British would say. I missed the I-SAFE committee meeting in Stuttgart on April 2 and the Aber Easter Reunion in Cardiff this year 4-6 april. I will miss the coldest easter in 95 years I was told. No...absolutely enjoyable pastime blogging has not waned...despite some deregatory and highly unmotivating remarks that I got...I will continue to document my thoughts and selected events perhaps for posterity for some, to be shared with those others who are like-minded for others...hehe

Last nite I was at PNB's (National Equity Corporation) 30th ANniversary Dinner at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC). The PM was late...his aircraft could not take off from Kuching because of bad weather and heavy rains...well at least that's what he told us during his speech. We only got to have our dinner at 945pm! Thank gawd, I had an omelette sandwich after friday prayers...and at about 6pm had this tummy-a-calling that I should get hold of a hot lemon tea and fried bananas balinese style at ASEANA cafe, Suria KLCC...hehe. I was seated next to Dato' Dr Mohd Ariffin Hj Aton (former CEO of SIRIM) and old fren and we live in the same neighbourhood. Discussions moved from political issues, post-erection analyses and menopause...hahaha. I am tempted to share with you those discussions but ...hehe...let me do that when I retire...or when I am no longer gainfully employed (wink). We left early about 1030pm...and realised we were not alone...hahaha. It would have been nice if we had spotted YAB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim's presence...hehe but we did hear his name mentioned by PNB chairman, Tan Sri Ahmad Sarji.

At 1245pm today (that's about 2 hours ago) I attended a wedding reception of Datuk Raof''s son at Shahalam. There really has been quite many weddings over the past week. Hmmm can be a strain, this OBE (off or unbudgeted expenses!). Not to be confused with OBE (Order of the British Empire) or I prefer the other one OBE (One Ball Extra...hahaha). One good thing about weddings and I say this again and get a chance to meet long lost buddies. Tadi I met Ali Derus my UPM classmate, he is now with JPN Labuan. Bumped into Datuk Ahmad Dahan Royal Military College mafia hahaha. Spotted, former Educaton DG Datuk Shukor, current DG Datuk Alimudin (he was also at the PNB dinner last night). Also met my wife's current boss. Her ex-boss Tuan Rusli Rashikin. Said he has read my blog and complained that I got his name wrongly spelt...heheh thousand apologies tuan sahib! I hope I got it right this time around sir? hehe. Thank you for reading my oxymoronic rantings...hahaha. The food was great, just nice, not to much... well, that's about it for now...enjoy the rest of the weekend folks...


kenari said...

Keep it up Boss. Though I'm busy doing the last minute preparation of tender documents to be submitted to MAMPU tomorrow, I just couldn't stop myself from going to your blog. I still maintain your blog URL in my favorites therefore just a matter of time for me to visit your blog again.

I just can't stop wondering for someone like you that I know for years can have so much energy to talk in the office and yet still able to write beautifully and so entertainingly fun filled reading pleasure for people like me. I'm just so fascinated at the level of readers that you can reach by reading such a simple language and yet able to connect with either VIPS or young paranoid person like me. Gosh, I just can't stop writhing tonite, opps writing. Anyway all your girls are here tonite still in the office. Anura, Mat Resat (sorry! male, not female)and others that agonizingly can stay up until this hours. For me, it just another of the month which I feel is like a tonic that keep me stay afloat and loyal to this company. HeiTech sometimes is like magnet. If you stay at the wrong direction, it will push, but if stays at the right direction, it will pull. But sometimes magnet also can sway depending on the wind speed if hanged to a string like what i normally do teasing my physic teacher in school last time.

Hmmph, what can go wrong tomorrow? Most of the work already done. My team has done the best to ensure the proposal is complete and comprehensive enough to confuse the customers. Go on Tuan Puan, we've done our part, now its your turn to go through our proposal and get yourself confused. Not much can be done about that, but as the customer circle always say, we deliver at all cost, no at all cause. i want to continue boss but zzzzz...z.z.z.z..zzzz.

Khaeruddin Sudharmin said...

yeoww bro,
nize of you to drop by and comment. thnz for the encouraging words...hehe. my girls? hahaha i thot they were yours? good set you got there. keep it up. looka t it as work & fun at the same time hehe. I know your chaps can find their own heaven or self-adjusting mechanisms so they don't have to worry about things that wil demoralise or piss them off...hahaha great work you got there with yr chaps bro....hehe