Monday, April 21, 2008

...a tribute to raymond earnest brammah

Raymond Earnest Brammah or fondly known as REB, was my ex-boss when I was with OUP. John Arthur Nicholson (JAN) who succeeded him was not as cunning as he (REB) was. John married a local tunku and his name became Johan Arthur Nicholson. JAN is around somewhere I think. When he retired from OUP East Asia, he set up his own publishing company called Falcon Press. Many people in the Press in East Asia have retired and probably some are not even around anymore. God Bless their souls. REB saw the need to set up PFB, meant for publishing in the local language, Malay. And the first imprint was 'Buaya Mati Dua Kali' translated from 'A Crocodile Dies Twice' (first published by Oxford University Press). This North Yorkshire English gentleman had influenced alot of my thinking. It was a privilege to have been associated with him, intellectually of course...

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