Saturday, April 26, 2008

...mushroom management anyone?

Asm. wbt & greetings fellow bloggers, peminat, casual visitors , die-hard supporters (hehe) and accidental visitors too...huhuhu...

I know it is a saturday're not to be disturbed by boring blogposts...hahaha but really...I won't apologise. You must bear (bare?) with me for a few minutes. I can't wait to share them with you. I just bought this book and as I browsed through it, I like that bit where the authors crystallized the seven (7) perspectives on management which are:

classical (1910-1950);

human relations (1940-1970);

decision theory (1950-1970);

work activity (1970s);

competencies (1980s);

critical (1990 - present); and

learning (1990 -present)

-management research, 3rd edition 2008, Mark Easterby-Smith, Richard Thorpe, Paul R Jackson

Then at the concluding page of chapter 1, a new term called 'mushroom management' was introduced. Anyone knows what mushroom management is? hahaha...ok ok..the authors having described the seven perspectives of management above and contend that there are other schools of thought about management and that 'mushroom management' is where you keep everyone in the dark and every now and then you open the door and drop a pile of shit on them!...hahahahaha...sounds familiar at your workplace eh? I'd be very interested to know, lets see how many Malaysians practice mushroom management...hahaha...cheers folks...enjoy the rest of the weekend!...

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