Saturday, April 12, 2008

...of mugs and muggings..hehe

This very special hardrock cafe mug was brought back for me by Datuk Prof Zawawi when he was last in Silicon Valley, California, attending a VISA international meeting. He thought that starbucks mugs were boring and got this hardrock one instead...hahaha. Cool man! thank you prof!

Some of my prized collection of starbugs collectors' item coffee mugs in my study, coming from from as far as New York. Lausanne, Korea, Tokyo, Geneva and that one from the Emirates was courtesy of Noriswadi (thanks bro..hehe). I have this strange love affair with mugs. Not that I was a mugger at school nor do I enjoy mugging people in the dark corners of Lorong Haji Taib Satu, Kuala Lumpur! hahaha. But yes, it's one of my pet likes, my unconscious hobby/pastime if you may. If someone is travelling and I have not been there or that I missed picking up a starbucks mug, I'd ask a friend in the airline sector to pick it up for me..heehee. I am well towards recovery from this dreadful no heavy blogging stuff this time around. Enjoy the rest of the weekend folks!

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