Friday, April 18, 2008

...amanah saham week & the conspiracy theory?

I normally get invited to almost ALL of PNB's events. Well, probably because I am still named secretary of a PNB company so to speak (even though after the IPO, PNB's remaining stake at HTP is less than 19%, I think...hehe and the fact that I have not retired, I guess I am still on the invite list...hahaha. But no, wait a minute, I used to get an invitation card far all the opening and closing of minggu amanah saham PNB...until 2 years ago...suddenly no invite no card, nothing. I find it rather strange because, the the recent 30 year anniversary celebrations, I got invited to all the events, tahlil, dinner and all...heheh. They even sent me a whole stack of invites for me to distribute but this minggu amanah saham...I got nothing...I find it strange...not that I want to be invited, but like there 's some kind of conspiracy, like someone is blocking me or like there's a conspiracy well, sabotage to put it worries...I will definitely not lose sleep over it. Hehe. Saves me the trouble of driving to Malacca...hihi Lets put it this way, many young men in a hurry, and if one puts white mice in a small container, soon it will get crowded and the mice becomes aggresive and start eating each other! If you know what I mean...hehe...hahahaha

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