Sunday, September 30, 2007

The week that has been...of astronauts and astronomers...heheh

The nation continues to grapple with new technologies, freedom of speech and online real-time scribes, bashings from opposition parties, public outcry etcetera etcetera...heheh...just an observation...not a political statement ok? If I may summarize what has happened over the week, like elsewhere in the world, there are good cops and there are bad cops just as there are genuine altruistic politicians (are there still many around?) and there are crooked politicians..well...not really crooked in that sense...hmmm you know what i mean....the death or rather murder of that little girl, and the excitement or was it the agitated few who has been debating whether our 2 doctors are astronauts or cosmonauts or just space tourists? which reminds me of the joke sometime US they call astronaut, in Russia the say cosmonaut...but in Malaysia...they call what aah?....hmmm.... sure-or-naut or can-or-naut...hahahaha...ok lor...don't get angry meh? so howbaurit? hihi.,,,which reminds me of what Profesor Grant the world renowned Paleantologist (in that movie-lah!) said in the 3rd sequel of the movie: Jurrassic Park....he said: basically there are only 2 kinds of boys...those who want to be astronauts and those who wanna be astronomers. Both love exploring the infinitesimal space out there...The astronauts are those boys who want to be out there with the real action to touch and feel the adventure, while the other type..the astronomers...they know practically everything one needs to know about asteroids, distant planets, stars and galaxies...but they'd rather be closer home to mommy and not take unnecessary risks heheh. So, fellas...which one are you? even in the leadership and management context....are you an astronaut or an astronomer?
and...oh ya..just when you thought that its ok to go back into the water..somebody shouted JAWS!...well...we just got over the row with Indonesia on the alleged bashing of their karate instructor today's NST prime news page 2...reads "Indonesian swallows SIM card" and that indonesian is a maid! I wonder what the mainstream media in indonesia would react to us this time around. I hope with the approaching Idulfitr and in the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan...nothing unpleasant would arise.


Tiruchelvam said...

By the way be carefull the next time you sing "rasa sayange he"

Azmi said...

Mengabih boreh hantar "can-nout" pergi bulan. Instead, MOSTI should have asked the Russian for deep sea exploration technology/equipment .... banyak bio-tech potential kat situ.

Tak habis2 kejar glamer.... itu ler dia.

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