Monday, September 10, 2007

Games Managers Play....

Like I said earlier, playing golf 3 or 4 times a heheh. Datuk Ismail Shahudin, Bank Muamalat chairman was there but could not play with us as had strings of invitations to attend to especially during these last few days prior to Ramadan. Had a good chat with him on various global issues as well as some very local closer to home and sensitive ones as well but as I said ealier too that my blog shall remain apolitical...heheh. He gave away prizes and gifts to the orphanage. The rest of the news you probably had read them in todays business section of the mainstream medias. One of the things that put alot of people off because of the time. Too long. The whole sunday gone actually. I left the house at 1030am reached Sungei Buloh exactly 11 am. About 1115 am ceremony begins, and ended with lunch. The actual tournament , the tee-off , using golf terminology, is at exactly 2pm. The 18 holes under the sweltering sungei buloh heat...four and a half hours! I should give up golf completely actually andgo back to my first love, tennis. I think I enjoy tennis much better...I used to play in the inter-varsity games during my undergraduate days...heheh. We will see how it goes...only problem is...there is a joke about games different level of management play: lower management if you notice, play games like football and volleyball, middle management plays hockey or tennis while top management plays golf...moral of story? the higher you are in management...the smaller the ball gets! hehehe.

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