Thursday, September 06, 2007

MICPA Business Forum 2007 and Corporate Secretary 2007 (Marcus Evans)

Monday September 3 & 4 was the MICPA Business Forum at the Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. A pix of the panel discussion consisting of Kuwait House CEO, Datuk Ali former Securities Commission Chairman, Datuk Ismail Shahudin chairman of Bank Muamalat and Bakarudin of Bank Negara Malaysia is uploaded above.

Busy day today September 6, 2007. The morning didn't start off too well. My driver was late so my daughter couldn't get to her new workplace (in a factory somewhere near monterey golf club nearer glenmarie I think). She just started her new job this week with twice the salary frm the first job which lasted only a few months simply because the government or the ministry of transport, specifically, decided that ALL vehicle inspections are to be carried out only by PUSPAKOM...if you know what I mean lah. I spoke at Marcus Evans 2007 Corporate Secretary Conference at the Renaissance Hotel today. A little change of plans...I let the speaker after me spoke first. I spoke after tea break then went on to be a member of a 3 person panelist. The other being John Pearse from Australia and Kwong from the Farlim Group. The delegates were from philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Australia and of course some big names like Maxis, UMW, Scomi were also present. I was given a topic: "The Need for greater efficiency: accomplishing more with less" (whatever that means....hahaha). For the last 2 nights...i didn't have enuf sleep...cracking my brain as to how Ishould approach the subject without putting the delegates to sleep....the feedback got during lunch...ahem...suggests that I had chosen the right strategy...hahaha. I shall not elaborate...cos from all my speaking engagements one thing for certain...there are those who love you...and there are those who hate can't really please everybody you know? Immediately after lunch, I left for UniKL (Malaysia France Insitute) in Bangi to attend the afternoon part of a seminar on 'New Technologies in collision Repair' attended by JPJ, PIAM, insurers and collision repair bodyshops nationwide. On the way back I dropped by at UKM's economics & business faculty to catch up on my good ole friend Prof Dr Mohd Fauzi Jani, the Dean. Had a brief chat, strategised some new initiative and I went off as he had another meeting to chair. Before scribling this blog I went to Robin Sharma's blog...and below is what I read and thought...if someone happens to drop by my least he or she will not be too bored reading my chronicles...hahaha...enjoy sharma:

Be a Giant at Work
Tue September 04, 2007
There are no great jobs. Just ordinary jobs - made great by the people who breathe passion/excellence and a remarkable desire to be world-class into them. An example.Today is the first day of school in my hometown. Drove my daughter to school (I'm far from perfect but I will share I haven't missed driving my kids to school on their first day back in all these years). As we neared the school, I saw The Crossing Guard. This guy is incredible. Watched him all last year. Huge smile on his face. Does his job like it's the most important job in the world. Runs to the kids as they approach the road crossing and whisks them across the street like they're Bill Clinton. I wish you could watch him. We all could learn.Is he the CEO or the VP of Sales or the Principal? Nope. He's a crossing guard. And one who reminds us what Leading Without Title is all about. Being extraordinary amidst the ordinary.

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