Sunday, September 30, 2007

a little nostalgia...part 2...heheh

Noriswadi, the HeiTech chevening scholar, will be receiving his LLM scroll from the university of stratclyde, glasgow, scotland very soon...somewhere early november i think (correct me wadi..hihi). I can imagine the excitement, exuberance and all things nice. I remember when my father's name was called out during my MBA graduation at middleton hall, hull university, england on december 8, 1994. i brought back the video of that graduation ceremony but cannot find where i had kept it...hahaha. i found this picture i took with Professor Terry King, then pro-vice chancellor and dean of the east asian studies at hull at the time, I knew him sometime earlier as he was our author when i was with oxford university press east asia.

Then I found this picture with Datuk Dr Hassan Ahmad, the former Director-General of the LIterary Agency (Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka) who was then the ambassador and permanent delegate to UNESCO in Paris. It was autumn of 1988 and we were walking to have lunch with Wan Capouthier and her scientist husband Prof Capouthier at a posh oyster restaurant downtown Paris. I arrived the night before from London (flew on a latesavers ticket hihi) and was his guest at his apartment (which i was told,,belonged to Brigitte Bardot who now lives in Bordeaux, South of France...don't worry...those who were born after 1980...most likey wouldn't know her anyway...hahaha). The crowd behind the foto were actually medical staff picketing..hahaha. Picketing and strikes were a common weekly affair in Paris at the time...they still do it...on strike i mean...on and off...heheh. I was a young man of 34 at the time and was general manager of the university of malaya cooperative.

From now on, I will choose some old fotos, upload them on this blog and describe a little bit...what its all about..hehe... i will call it a little nostalgia..part 3, 4, 5 and so on...hihihi...

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