Friday, September 14, 2007

'tis a time to reflect and to detox...

'"At the time of our independence in 1957, Stanford psychologist Leon Festinger came out with his famous theory of cognitive dissonance, which describes the unease experienced when actions are not aligned with beliefs. For example, if people consistently fail to do what they know is right or keep doing what they know is wrong, they would experience cognitive dissonance. But in most cases, they cannot accept the feeling. Instead of correcting the behaviour, they would repress or deny the feelings, rationalise them, justify their actions or start believing that the problem does not exist."
I just read that awhile ago from another online media. Well put. I couldn't agree more with the above statement. This would be a great time to reflect on our practises, actions and beliefs. More importantly, aligning them. But...I have been observing that of late...there is this obsession with catchy terms like redefining, aligning and what have you.... It seems that many of the stuff my generation were educated with....have gone away with Humphrey Bogart..gone with the to speak. At a recent national integrity institute conference...the chief secretary to the government was heard saying that during his young days it would be very embarassing to not know what integrity is all about. You are expected to uphold, above all else, your integrity. When you describe someone of know what kind of a person he or she is. Well, something to that effect...but today we need to have a national conference to tell the masses about integrity. It should be something natural...coming from the home and re-enforced by school education and social behaviour. Hmmmm ..sounds more like a friday morning sermon. Well I leave that for your interpretation and imagination...heheh. Have a great weekend!

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