Thursday, March 19, 2009

when the going gets tough...the tough gets going..they say

I am chairing the Malaysian Property Market 2009 Conference at the Grand Millennium Hotel right now...and this young lady lawyer from Shearn and Delamore is updating delegates on developments on taxation of land transactions. Ya ya...this is unscheduled. Chairing the conference today I mean. I had a phone call 2 days ago and as usual, being obliging a guy I am, I agreed. But am glad I agreed as I too learnt alot of new things. The previous 2 speakers this morning was very good. Dr Cheong shared very bluntly the grim realities with hard data (hehe). There were some politically incorrect observations too, but I guess we should blame it on the economists hahaha...not the politicians (wink).

In between while the speakers speak, i was checking my emails and eheh heh updating my blog. When times are bad, people are easily infuriated and everyone starts to check on everything. Even Obama is pissed with AIG (wink). You thought right, even Vice-Chancellors of UK universities were not spared public scrutiny...hahaha...please read here.

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