Friday, March 27, 2009

of party erections and repairo-insuro-mekaniko babblomania...

Danny the MC making a brief welcome remark and introducing us, Kong STFK(wink), me, Cho Chee Seng (FOWOAM president), Richard Pratt CEO I-CAR Australia and Fiona Chew, GM Messe Frankfurt HK

with Richard Pratt CEO of I-CAR Australia, my fellow speaker at automechanika malaysia 2009 at KL convention centre yesterday ( no no I asked Richard and he confirmed that he is in no way related or connected to the family of Pratt&Whitney the manufacturer of one of the world's great jet engines hahaha)

Wahlauweh...Cho checkmated me when he asked me to speak at his annual convention in conjunction with Automechanika Malaysia 2009 (which is held once in 2 years the last being in 2007) at the KL convention centre. To add insult to injury (hehe) giving me a difficult topic and making it even more challenging and hazarous cos I was to speak in front of repairers (some of whom only understand mandarin or cantonese hahaha). Then there were general insurers , adjusters, JPJ, automotive chaps and component manufacturers from Taiwan, China, and elsewhere and other stakeholders of the industry that I have to be careful what I say lest I be sued for defamation (evil wink). Well, in simple language, I must be politically-correct...hehehe. While busy with all that, I did not forget to follow the proceedings of a certain party convention taking place at another venue concurrently. I was , like other fellow malaysians, eager and excited who was going to get erected in the party erections...(evil wink). My reactions? hahaha much like sweet and sour fish and ya ya your guess, again as good as mine....have a great weakend folks! (wink).

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