Thursday, March 12, 2009

...been to paradise but never been to me?...

Oxbridge Boat Race Dinner at the Bankers Club, Kuala Lumpur, 2004

Interview Maskulin (Malaysia) Magazine, September 2005

Ya ya before you bash me up good, I must confess, I could not resist uploading these pictures (above) on to my blog (heheh). Its part of my journal..owh well journey right? Remember the lyrics from that oldie? A beautiful song about a woman's experience trying to tell another young woman that finally, love is about the man you fought with this morning and the same one you will be making love to, tonight? Remember those lyrics? haha ok ok let me refresh it...the chorus: "...I've been to paradise..but I've never been to me..." I love that song, great music, soothing melody. The first photo was a black tie do to commemorate the ancient Oxford and Cambridge University traditional Boat Race. I was invited to the function by Dr Foo Ban Yen who was then president of the Imperial College Alumni Association in Malaysia. If you look at the photo carefully (published by Tatler Malaysia), they got my name sounded like a Mongolian (Khaer Uddin) no definitely not related to anyone familiar to you (mak tak sama bapak lain lain hahaha).
Then the other 3 fotos that follow, was my interview with Maskulin in 2005. No no, please, its not the same masculine magazine abroad (evil wink). Those are the ones meant for gays ( I was told...erkk). This maskulin is an attempt by the Karangkraf Group to provide a new magazine for your Malaysian males oh well young malay males to be more specific (I think). I know the owners of that publishing group. They are old frens and we go back quite a long way. I guess that was why they interviewed me hahaha. Success? ya rite...depends how one looks at success actually. To me success can also mean, with a salary of RM900 and with 9 kids..and after paying all the monthly bills, one is left with RM67.40. Not having to borrow or use the credit card...that is a form of success hihi. That's ok, you can disagree with me. I am trying to avoid writing stuff in that direction (wink). Anyway, as I approach my retirement, I thought it would be a good practice to document what little photos or interviews I have that at least later on my grandchildren have something to read or see should they google my name....

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