Monday, October 27, 2008

...reality check

Sometimes you feel on top of the world, sometimes being with frens you can forget everything else. It can be so indulging and obsessive. Sometimes you can be so alone, so isolated, or you feel useless and totally of no use to society. I just read on VIPs for Dummies hahaha. Cute, sarcastic, witty and I like the part she said that now her political comments are beginning to get irrelevant so she might as well write something useful for society hahaha. A definite must read for fresh VIPs and wannabe VIPs hehe. My blog entries are so eclectic, definitely no political comments (yet ..hehe), sometimes boring, sometimes too bloody serious, too academic hehe but mostly I try to end up with a little humor here and there. Sometimes it can also be self-serving. This is one of those. When you thought that you're wasting your time giving freebie speeches, lectures and not get paid for writing articles, you say to yourself...hmmm..why I am doing all these for free? That's so materialistic, economic and very the business-like approach leh! It is suppose to be a passion...and passion it shall be. Nothing makes you feel any more good and appreciated then when you get notes like the one below...yes self-serving it may be, but who cares, it helps me feel good about giving and not expecting anything in return but that you've made a difference (in your own little way) to someone else lives.....

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