Monday, October 27, 2008

..of romans, ancient greeks & the yuan ..hehe

I am reproducing below what my good fren Faris, President of aber alumni Malaysia , uploaded on his facebook discussion thread.
"It is said that every great civilization leaves behind a legacy.The ancient Greeks contributed to the world the refinement of the city.The Romans contributed the fine art of killing. The future legacy of the United States will be the refined and mastered art of financial leverage. ""...It is estimated there may be 530 plus trillion US dollars of these types of derivatives on the market...";The real liability facing our government is $70 trillion.” Forbes, 9-29-2008;

"A Coming New Currency!" by David N. Vaughn, FSU Editorial 10/14/2008
We are experiencing the most severe financial crisis since 1929. It hurts. There appears to be no relief in site. What began with mortgage defaults has now spread to the derivative markets. ...
Ya I know, heavy stuff on a supposedly relaxed Deepavali day off. Well, different people relax in different ways. Some go to the spa, some to the beach, some to the cool highland resorts. Obviously, only crazy boring folks like me check out their facebook ...and guess right, no one was online...hehe. I was juz wondering how the market would react to last thursday and friday, should there be trading this morning (wink). We'll see how it goes tomorrow morning. It is said that the stock exchange is an important barometer of not only the economy, but the behaviour of people. I remembered just before the last 'merudum' (1997) it was said that when taxi drivers and teachers talk about buying and selling shares in their taxis and in the staff rooms, it is time to get out of it (the market) as quickly as you can..hahaha. Well, again that opinion is debatable. Don't eat too much of that muruku folks!

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