Saturday, October 18, 2008

refreshing saturdays..aaah yezzz....

While waiting for my wife at SJMC this morning, I bought today's NST and the Star. 3 things caught my attention which I thought I should share with some of you who have stopped reading mainstream newspapers. The saturday NST is a must for me cos I try not to miss my gud ole baby boomer contemporary Datuk Johan Jaafar and his point blank column (which is no longer entitled 'point blank' hehe). After reading it I would immediately text him to say if I agreed or violently object! hahaha. Today, his tagline is hubris, greed and the global meltdown. I saw a glimpse of the latest issue of The Edge too and as I hurriedly speed-read ( my personal copy is home delivered every sunday morning..hehe so there was no need for me to buy that also lah!) my wonderings came to rest...cos whoala... The Edge has let the cat out of the bag... about institutions whose core businesses are investments, fund management et al...hehe. I should know the full details by tomorrow morning.. hihi. I was wondering why those outfits purportedly responsible for the nation's investment portfolios have been pretty quiet (menikus as we say in malay) after The Black October. Conveniently distracted by shahrukh khan's datukship award by Malacca (recommended by Daim so it seems, as reported by mainstream media...hmmm) I reckon.. hihi. So everyone was like so preoccupied with that episode and forgot to pay attention to other pressing issues of economic significance.. hehe. ya ya no politics...except what I had predicted years happening.. a major component BN party has openly requested that a second Deputy BN post be given to them which means another Deputy PM's post lah! hehe.
Enjoy Idris Jala's leadership and management mantra...and his iconic divine intervention. Did you know that not many know that despite his malay name he is not a muslim? And for those of you who facebook voraciously, that the Reuters report above, should serve as a reminder to be extra cautious when expressing yourselves online...emotionally? heehee..enjoy the rest of the weekend fellas!

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