Saturday, November 01, 2008

...of plagiarism,copyright law enforcement and lulusan cambridge..hehe

Was enjoying my saturday tehtarik at Natijah mamakshop which is also a popular nesting ground of the likes of the scribe (DatukAKadirJasin), Rocky Bru and Nuraina Samad. Nuraina is an ole fren , a contemporary back in the gud ole days of ITM (UiTM now). While the mainstream tabloids were awashed with the outcome of 'the trial' (hehe), I was more interested in the cutting above, which appeared in the world section of NST today page 28. It is interesting because, we are still debating over the relevance of the times higher education world universities ranking and that a particular local premier university claimed that they had improved positively up 60 points compared to last year's ranking outcome and that I was told they were quite upset for not being conferred the Apex University Status ( it went to USM instead). Ok back to this Cambridge seem to go well with my fren's (DatukJohanJaafar) article today too on page 23 (opinion) when he concluded (his article) by urging that we relook our copyright laws and enforcement, or forever..he says hehe we will have poor actors, writers and artistes, alive or dead and columnists too he nottilee added (wink). My first instinctive reaction to the cambridge survey was, oh no...not another can of worms...(don lar say out loud...even though it cud be true! hahahaha). But seriously, the survey/report above, can have serious repercussions on a bevy and myriad of things imaginable. Letalone unimaginable. Cambridge is number one in UK and top 3 in the world. Which reminds me that 'the scribe' in one of the recent blog entry..quipped '...nak bagitau sikit,,saya pon lulusan cambridge' hahaha (not me ok?). hehe I am proud to be a Hull graduate and is trying to now promote hull city soccer(football) club which is making waves in soccer but mindlful of the fact that while other clubs like manchester united, arsenal and others spend no less than GBP50mil a season...hull city only budgets GBP5mil...hehe...what would u expect from that miniscule budget meh? (wink). ok ok...cambridge again, of course , one can argue, what about other universities? Are you saying they do not probably do the same things? or if you do a similar survey, you probably might get the same results? (wink). I remembered sometime ago that it was said that '..a university education is like a ticket into the ballroom. Once inside the dance hall, you still have got to learn how to dance or dance according to the music.' Read that newscutting above, make your own conclusions..and please tell me, what you think? hehe..without unduly spoiling your weekend folks..cheerio...

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