Saturday, October 25, 2008

PSMB day 2,,,,genting convention centre

Sorry folks if you have been waiting for me to comment on the rest of the speakers at the recent PSMB Annual HRD conference 2008 at the Genting Convention Centre. Dr Palan was awesome. Very clever of him to use me, to calm his nerves. He started by saying (and he mentioned loudly and clearly) that I had showed him my critique/comments of the speakers of the previous day on my blog entry hehe. Everybody in T&D oh well.. L&D fraternity these days, must surely have heard of Dr Palan. He is an acknowledged, good trainer. But on the 22 of October 2008, I thought I saw his best, excellent, I must add, performance yet. I particularly like that bit about how he asked his son's school grades.. and said to his son hey you're embarassing me man, my grades were very good when I was your age, And his son's reply was..look dad, that's not a fair benchmark. Our syllabus today is different from your syllabus of the 50s and 60s. And Dr Palan said does it compare with another boy in his class who got much better grades than him? His son's reply was...that's because his father was much more intelligent than you, dad! hahaha.
I have only one other comment of a certain speaker whose 'England' was utterly atrocious...Saying stuff like 'i'm agree' and his love affair with the letter 's' for every word said and the high pitch oratory shout in moments when we definitely could not see why you need to raise your voice to stress a point hehe. The best part was the cut & paste and confidently saying this is going to be my last slide when actually there about 6 more slides...hahaha. I thought I was the only one who paid attention to the circus show...actually plenty..when we chatted during tea-break. Hehe..enough brutality for now...hihi. Otherwise the rest was ok or entertaining at worse.
"Re-engineering Human Capital for Competitive Advantage" was the theme of the conference and I have already defined and commented re-engineering and competitive advantage in my earlier blog entry, which leaves me to comment only on 'human capital'. Human Capital was a novel idea introduced by a Swiss mathematician Daniel Bernoulli that economists today consider a driving force in economic growth. That idea emerged from his definition of wealth as 'anything that can contribute to the adequate satisfaction of any sort of want....There is then nobody who can be said to possess nothing at all in this sense unless he starves to death. ' What form does most wealth take? Bernoulli says that tangible assets and financial claims are less valuable than productive capacity, including even the beggar's talent. Today we view the idea of human capital - the sum of education, natural talent, training, and experience that comprise the wellspring of future earning flows - as fundamental to the understanding of major shifts in the global economy.Human capital plays the same role for an employee as plant and equipment play for the employer. Despite the enomous accretions of tangible weath since 1783, human capital is still by far the largest income-producing asset for the great majority of people. Why else would so many breadwinners spend thir hard-earned money on life -insurance premiums? (Considering the nature of man, Against the Gods: A remarkable Story of Risk, Peter L Bernstein, John Wiley & Sons , 1998)


palan said...

Dear Friend:

Thanks for the nice words; you did make me nervous before the session with your blog comments.

The Minister's name is Dr. Subra, not Siva.

Good work friend.

Khaeruddin Sudharmin said... know lar doc...i never mince my words. Brutal and insurance-less as ever..hahaha. But I was glad I showed it to you just before yr session. Perhaps I should do this more often just to bring out the best in my frens, no? hihi. Yeah, Siva is his brother who is my Hull MBA alumni. He (Datuk Dr Siva) has an uncanny resemblance to Siva. They re not twins I hope. Cheers bro and Happy Deepavali (if you're celebratinglah)