Saturday, October 11, 2008

the goblogs are back...hehe

the last goblog posting was 3rd raya. since then I have been to singapore, gave an executive lecture at universiti malaya and played golf this morning hehe. no, i won't depress u further with the financial meltdown and the black novembe asian bourses are experiencing. I was at singapore hilton attending the 5th asian claims management conference from tues 7 to wed 8th and flew back to KL that same evening as there was a crucial meeting arranged by the central bank which I had to attend. The asian claims management conference was ok and was well represented, regionally & globally. I picked some additional relevant up-to-date info so i could use it when i next speak at the malaysia insurance conference (istana hotel 5-6 november). My paper/case study is entitled: 'claim management: a promising oasis or a treacherous mirage? evolution of claims management,an overview and a malaysia case study'. I had an interesting chat wite the chinaman taxi drive on the way to changi airport which i will tell at a later part hehe. Yesterday, friday 10th, at 3pm I was invited to speak to the 2nd year economics undergrads at FEA, universiti malaya. it's their friday weekly executive lecture series and i was asked to speak on 'asas budaya keusahawanan' or aculturaliing entrepreneurship (i did it ad-lib bot english & malay and for a change, without the boring powerpoint slides..haha). The long clap i got after my lecture can only mean two things. they either enjoyed my ramblings or they were relieved that i had finished my pseudo-motivation talk! hahaha. my last challenge to them was: there were 3 boys caught naked in a room by their warden. the first 2 boys quickly covered their private parts with their hands (instant reflex action). the 3rd boy, quickly covered his face with his hands. question: who do you think will make a better entrepreneur? answer? the 3rd boy. why? cos he was thinking outside the sarung! hahaha. Immediately after, I went for group MNRB's raya do at felda perdana ballroom.

This morning was UM alumni/British Graduates Assoc Malaysia/ American universities alumni malaysia charity golf tournament at KGSAAS. ok ok enuf read for the weekend. be continued...

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