Sunday, October 26, 2008

bedazzling brilliance or befuddling bulshit? ...a shallot for your thoughts..hehe

Pretty busy saturday. The excitement for the day began when I attended Dato' Hazali's (Tan Sri Abu Hassan's son my Hull Alumni deputy who tendered his resignation recently citing busy schedule as his reasons for giving up this thankless and unglamorous job..hehe) oilfab raya do at KL Convention Centre this afternoon. Always nice when you're at the VIP table, being served (hmm the tastes of power, prestige, recognition, money and what have you..wink). I was seated next to an old fren Dato' Aziz Bakar the new current chairman of Airasia, Dato' & Datin Abdul Aziz Mohd Noh, former ADUN, a former Dato' Banker aah yes as in 'Bank' the financial institution, Chairman of National Population & Family Board Malaysia and a few others. Lots of interesting info and ideas for tonite's blog entry but I thought I'd just keep it for later. But this one story told to me by the Dato' ex-banker I thought was very important to share with frens and foes alike who follows my blog hehe. In the US he said, because of this financial meltdown, a couple, both lost their jobs. Retrenched. They then went scouting around to seek advise on how and what to do next with the money they had. The guru, expert economist they approached asked them what's your liabilities? The couple said just the house mortgage and some savings. The advise was, don't pay your mortgage, take out your savings and buy food, stock in the house that can last for at least six months. Then reinforce your doors and windows with plywood and wait. I leave you to imagine that worst case scenario...hehe. Interestingly he also commented that when a particular nation or its people/industry sells you something and gives you a great had better be careful. Smells of something fishy he said..hihi ( I shall not sure you know what I mean).
I arrived in time to eat Laksa Pahang ( special request by Datuk Sarimah...she was leaving when I arrived..hehe) at Azmi's house at USJ2. I shall not bore you with the other details but what is even more exciting is when I attended the Rotary Club Installation Dinner at the KLGCC a few hours ago where our fren Thillai, was installed as the new president of Rotary Club of Bertam Valley (alar Rawang lah! hahaha). At our table was Hj Zul, yours truly, Badrul, Sandra, His Excellency Datuk Prof Dr Yusof (last posting Ambassador to Spain) and Datin and my good ole fren Professor Albert M Ladores whom we both never fail to roar with laughter whenever we sit together and share all the jokes in the world! hahaha. This filipino professor at AIM always have something hilarious to share with us. Tonite he told us about this guy who was asked to speak about globalisation and confessed to his professor about how that subject is not his forte and no amount of reading or research could make him an expert overnite.The prof said, 'My son, don't be unduly worried about it, cos you can either bedazzle the audience with a brilliant presentation or you can befuddle them with bulshit...hahaha. Alot of interesting ideas emerged during the functions I attended. We were chatting away like trying to solve the world's problems haha. I feel a bit tired and sleepy now...will continue the blog entry later folks... Datin asked me why would anyone want to even read my blog? hehe good question...ya ..why ek? enjoy the long weekend and happy Deepavali for my frens who will be celebrating it on monday..especially to you Tiruchelvam and family (if you're still reading my blog..hehe), and Dr Palan, my other gud fren Arul and your families....Singham too..hehe.

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