Tuesday, December 16, 2008

..of hainanese kopitiam and suspected pyramid fraud?

Ya ya, well over a week now, that I have not been blogging. Sorry folks, busylah, year end, springkleening, kids to attend to.. its the school holidays still you know? December has always been a crazy month. People are all over the place. Some missing in action (hehe) and ya ya...I can't (hehe..as if...hmmm). But...they only want my signature and I will say, all the time (which may have irked some people hahaha). What's all this for? If I am going to jail, at least I like to know why and what I am going to jail for (evil wink)... Wish I was still in KK. Got back last night after delivering a keynote address at the 3rd International Borneo Business Conference 2008 (IBBC) at Universiti Malaysia Sabah. There were about 150 delegates from a few countries but mostly academics from economics or business schools of local universities. The theme for this year was Global Changes: Corporate Responsibility (whatever that means..hahaha). The best part was, my schoolmate who had just been posted as Deputy Commander of the GOF Sabah (Police Field Force as it was previously known) came to the conference with a few of his officers just to listen to me. The organising committee thought they were my bodyguards! hahahaha...what a pleasant joke and morale booster for me hahahaha. Tenkiu bro Tuan Hadi Ittam for the your most esteemed presence. I will upload the text of that keynote when I have converted the powerpoint slides later (hehe).
The world continues to be painted red. Today's NST reported that Europe's biggest bank, HSBC, joined the list of top names in the world of finance admitting huge potential losses in a suspected pyramid fraud scam run by Wall Street figurehead Bernard Madoff. But that news did not spoil my appetite hehe. I had a great lunch at my favourite Hainan Chef Kopitiam just now with the always attentive service by my good fren Mr Lim (above). Hahah...nothing like a damn good fish & chips with lime and assamboey. And yes...I am somewhere between finishing off some old untaken leave and being in the office on and off.