Wednesday, December 24, 2008 it safe anymore?

Is there any place safe anymore? Safe is a relative word. Worry is the accompanying relative word too. Izzit safe to fly? You might juz be on a flight that might be on the hijacker's list. Izzit safe to take a cruise or travel by ship then? hmmm you might juz be visited by Somalian pirates hehe. What about spending time at the hill resorts? Oh no...not another landslide....uwaaa. What about spending time with the kids by the seaside resorts? Huh? Have you not forgotten the Boxing Day Tsunami? So? Where does that leave you then? Staying at home is also not safe (depending which neighbourhood you are in...hehe). You may juz be visited in the wee hours of the morning by people with parangs or whatever sharp object...asking you for money or your life? We live in really interesting and scary times. Not at these levels of heightened security consciousness. Even if you have guards combing your neighbourhood, they could still come. Can you imagine that it is unsafe for me to even walk to Nathijah Maju the mamakshop for my roti canai at the back of my house? At the Isle of Wight, just across Portsmouth, there are cute lil ole English thatched country houses where their cute little gates and front doors are without locks. I dunnno if it's still without locks! hahaha.
I guess nothing is safe anymore...even your jobs? (evil wink). Guard it with your life. Can you imagine...even the stores in UK are advising parents to try not to steal anything for christmas cos they know parents are being pressured by their kids what with the new generation of digital toys, the ipods, PSPs, iphones, Wii, macbooks and what have you....hahaha...anyway, have a great christmas folks. Drive safely, if you are travelling....

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