Saturday, December 27, 2008

...heroic or engaging management?

As I was I springkleening I came across the above scanned page from the book 'Managers Not MBAs' by Henry Mintzberg the Canadian Professor of Management. I am a Mintzberg convert sort of (management thinking-wise lar..hehe). So I thought perhaps I might attempt to influence your thinking as well? If you are an upcoming or CEO-aspiring young management rookie, you should not bypass this view. You may have already been 'awed' by the superstar, evil-knievel, Jackie Welchie or the 'Johnson-clap' ( evil wink) of leadership and management style...that's ok. It's again a matter of preference folks. Or you think that by emulating the likes of honchos like the Lehman Brothers CEO or the CEOs of the big '3' US auto Kings (well...but oredi brought down to their knees by the US senate...somewhere closer to the levels of unicellular organisms haha no not that far down the food chain..hahaha). Or you are smitten by Barrack Hussein Obama's engaging style? Yes, engaging is the new currency. The flavor of the month. I suspect it will be the flavor for 2009. Engaging Economy? Engaging Dad? Engaging Boss? Engaging employees? Just like...hmmm when you get into your car...don;t forget to engage your gear....cos if you didn't...the car would not move right? Similiarly with your people...employees, colleagues et al. The argument is, you need to engage...I am not sure if it is similar to the engagement before marriage tingy....LOL hahahahaha). Please feel free to let me know what your thoughts are....

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