Friday, December 19, 2008

...the reluctant chairperson?....jeng3x

ya 3 pm the day before, I got a SOS SMS...similar to the radio distress signal sent out to the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) by crewmen of the China-registered ship stormed by nine armed pirates off the coast of Somalia! hahahaha. No lar...hehe it was from Umi of ABF. Asking me to replace my gudfren Deepak and chair the 2nd day of the ABF Legal Technology conference at the Grand Millennium Hotel. Small but lively, interesting knowledge and information-hungry crowd hahaha. I was nothing but amused, when I got the feedback from Umi over the phone hehe. She read it quickly and it seems the feedback written by participants ranged from gud to verigud, well ahem... mostly excellent (hehe...sorry folks...) but the last one really chuckled me. It said: eccentric but entertaining....hahaha which confirms my suspicion earlier, if you had been following my blogposts, that I am very much a court jester!?......uwaaaa...uhu hu hu hu... thank you umi, and fellas, for the kind remarks...hehe

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