Tuesday, May 20, 2008

stinging criticisms....uwaa..uhuhu..hu

I had a stinging criticism about what I have been blogging . Ya ya...it's all about content right? But then again, there are blogs and there are blogs. Mine, in case some people miss it (read the fineprint 0n my masthead ok?) is essentially a journal blog and ecclectic at that too. Anything goes really, ramblings, musings, sometimes it may be Greek to some, sometimes it may sound a bit vulgar to others. I apologise for such insensitivities or carelessness on my part, if any. And for the season hand in blogosphere, blogs come in all shapes and sizes, and serves all sorts of functions. Their categories range from hobbies to technology. And I am sure you will not disagree with me, blogging's growing role in politics, journalism, education and business, especially after the recent GE2008! Anyway, even after a few stinging criticisms, I am not discouraged. Something I found out I like to do. Well, much like an addiction if you may...hehe. As much as I am really really tempted to give my views and/or political comments...hehe I shall refrain from doing so, for now...I have declared much earlier on, that my blog will endevour to remain apolitical!..

I spent a couple of hours with high IQ and promising young kids today, 7As and above in their PMR and they were preparing for an upcoming important school debate. Interesting topics and quite challenging too I must admit..hehe. If the boys had captured 50% of what I had rambled on this morning, I think that would be really some achievement! hahaha. Good luck guys...do your mom & dad and your school proud ok?

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