Saturday, May 03, 2008

images of terengganu...

Paka, our first stop from Kuantan on the way to Kuala Terengganu, using the old coastal road. I first visited this shop famous for its keropok parang, tamban and of course THE keropok sotong, in 1977 introduced by my colleague when I first became an Oxford Traveller. Since then, I never missed to drop by when I am in these parts of the country. I am not sure if the attraction was really the keropok sotong or Tan's beautiful daughter who spoke perfect Terengganu/Paka malay...hahaha. The last time I saw her, hmmm she wasn't that gorgeous anymore heheh. Her mum narrated to me her brief CV, that she was in singapore for a while..bla bla bla...Yesterday, when we dropped by, they don't sell any keropok at the old shop anymore. We missed the new outlet which was about 2.5 KM away ... Somehow rather the old man looked at me, smiled as though saying to himself...hey this dude looks familiarlah...hahaha

My most expensive homemade burger (RM30) the lunch stopover at Tanjung Jara Resort, Dungun. This old government hotel chain (once upon a time owned by tourism ministry..well through Pempena actually. is now part of the YTL hotel & resorts chain).

My son and 2nd daughter enjoying Tanjung Jara's beach...

Kuala Terengganu city. Market area near the Jetty and the new building on the left. I could not find my favourite Al-Yunani Bookshop. Was told that the row of wooden shophouses had been torn down. Hmm must be really a long time since I was last in KT... more fotos coming up soon..hihi

The extra bed that sutera resort hotel at Merang, Setiu gave us. Observe the colour of the towel and the bedspread. And you think it was easy for me to have a great goodnight sleep? ya ya...your guess is as good as mine..hahaha

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