Saturday, May 03, 2008

images of terengganu II ..

Early morning breakfast chat at the kuala besut jetty. Wonder what these fellas are gossipping about..hehe. Not the fate of their son of the soil i hope? haha...looks more like the modern day myth of the lazy natives? hurmm

When you're going to an island, never, ever forget the basic tool, the sun block. Forget the keris. You can either leave it at home or hang it in a huge frame in your office...hehe

Bubu Long Beach Resort boys preparing our buffet dinner..haha

Bubu boys rolling up the beach the single most important item for survival on the island: diesel, without which the generators will be dead and you will be absolutely inconvenienced...especially blokes who are pampered with the luxuries of life in Kuala Lumpur...hahaha

with my some of my very the malaysian automotive database research chaps. all work on no play makes even singham, nicholas, yamani and rais dull techies..haha

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