Wednesday, May 14, 2008

3 hour Guest Lecture at FSTEP...

Dr Kamal Khir CEO of IBBM (Malaysian Institute of Banks) presenting me with a token of appreciation a couple of hours ago at FSTEP, Dataran Takaful, Kg Attap, Kuala Lumpur. I had just finished an almost 3 hour motivation lecture to about 300 FSTEP participants. They are fresh grads mostly, from local and overseas universities. Ages ranging from 24-30. They are at the tail-end of a special training program to prepare them for jobs in the financial sectors (banks, finance companies, insurance, both conventional and islamic). If they can remember the stories, management/leadership parables and wise words from various gurus, I would have done my job. I gave the topic as 'exploring uncommon sen(se) - an eclectic discourse. So, it was supposed to be fun, motivating and some serious academic stuff (haha..juz kidding). Really, if they can remember the tibetan monk story, how cooking was discovered, rule no, 6 and the right exposure...hehe...they are on a fine start to a great future into a management/leadership career in the financial services sector. I wish all of them well. Good luck people!

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