Friday, December 21, 2007

of travel,shutterbugs & sun-tzu art of war...

tis a season for reflection, forgiveness and more of giving than taking and absolutely a season that credit card companies love, and also, not forgetting, and most importantly, a season where dads experience tear-less cries when their families scream for that 'quality-time away' (as some smart mums would have liked it phrased...hahaha) and wondering if at all there is going to be year-end bonuses to wrap off the year that was. Hmmm...fat chance bro, but the slightly brighter side is that school books are free!! yey...but hey...wait a minute...just when you thought you could spend that money on that so-called much needed (well, nice-to-have) breakaway...your kids show you the 'optional' booklist...hahaha. I shall not discuss that. Very sensitive issue. Let the powers-that-be handle the situation with schools, parents et al etcetera...heheh.

Now, the fotos above...the first one was taken from a brochure enticing IIA (Institute of Internal Auditors) members to attend their global meeting in Amsterdam in June this year. The remaining four (4) fotos (venice, an excavation site in california, a stone house in Ireland and a cityscape architectural photography) were borrowed from an old publication entitled: travel photography: how to see and take better pictures (by the editors of consumer guide, published in 1982 by Publications International, Ltd, Illinois. The book began with 'Travel is a time of special experiences, which photographs can keep fresh and new long after you've returned home. Through your pictures you can relive those good times, and share them with your family and friends. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates them. Pictures I mean. Khoo Kheng Hor, author of 'Without Fighting' has a contradictory opinion. He says, according to Sun-Tzu's Art of War, people are interested in themselves, as such, when he visited friends, many just couldn't wait to screen movies of their birthdays, vacation or wedding or whatever, for them to watch while others would dump countless foto albums of photographs of themselves or their loved ones for them to peruse. That's why he (Khoo) and his wife avoid photo-taking as they don't wish to impose such 'tortures' on their friends or relatives...hahaha.
So, my friends, there are two(2) schools of thought here. You choose them. If you are travelling, the photos above can give you a guide on how to take better pictures! heheh. Enjoy the holiday season, travel smart and safe....bon voyage!

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