Sunday, December 09, 2007

of brainstorms and 16th century french village...

MRC had a brainstorming session at colmar tropicale berjaya hills, pahang last friday. All 15 of us. We just drove down back to KL today sunday the 9th, after lunch. I shall not bore you fotos or details of the serious presentations and sessions (that's our secret and competitive advantage...and perhaps material and price-sensitive information too...hihi). Suffice to just show you the wannabe place (a 16th century french village? hmmm more like the typical errrr... would be great if the maintenance was beefed up but then's supposed to look and feel or one is supposed to feel like being in the 16th century right? hahaha). Just to make you fellas jealous a little bit...just a little I hope...I uploaded that rare shot that made my 2 staff mumtaz and zarina all excited...heheh...Yezzehh... a pose with non other than the current hot singapore malay singer imran ajmain....with his seribu tahun hit or as they say in malay...meletop song....hahaha.

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