Friday, December 28, 2007

of alien vs predator & old town white coffee...

No, I have not gone to see I am Legend (Wil Smith) as planned but went to see AVP2 instead, yesterday at One Utama. The crowd was amazing but we were lucky to not have to wait for a much later screening time... heheh. Yes, Alien vs Predator 2. I went wif my son but he could not see it, sowee...only above 18s are allowed hahaha. So he ended up seeing National Treasures 2 (Nicolas Cage) instead. I am dissapointed wif AVP2. Must be a budget movie. Hahaha, cos I saw the same GMC cars used in Transformers heheh. There was only one Predator sent down to save earth! while the Aliens were multiplying like nobody's business...hahaha. The setting was rather dull, dark, very the-american-kampong-like atmosphere. Not sure if they were the same producers of tranformers though, cos it somehow had the same color tones. I still love AVP1...great cinematography, great sound system. and of course excellent animation. The production was superb. Crystal clear and I would watch it time and again on my small VAIO notebook widescreen.
Awhile ago I had curry mee, nanyang black coffee, kaya and butter toasts, with my 15 year old second gurl and my son, at the new Old Town White Coffee joint just beside the Kelana Jaya Giant hypermarket and in front of UNITAR. Chatted wif this friendly chappy Jason who was wif his family. Very pleasant fellow. Started taking about how good or how bad our E90s were...hahaha and we ended up exchanging business cards ...well, he gave his. I was out of mine but immediately texted him my contact details hahaha. Am sure we will bump into each other again.
This was the 2nd time I visited Old Town KJ. I must say it was beautifully done. Cosy, warm, perfect for any occasion, wether to entertain clients, meet up with old frens or just a quickie notti date...hahaha. And free wi-fi connections too...hahaha. what more could one ask for? The menu is simple. straight forward, no nonsensical fusion stuff hahaha... Enjoy the coming weekend fellas!

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