Sunday, December 23, 2007

of lazy sunday afternoons...(the mamas & the papas, a 60s hit song)

The book above, was one of those selected in the review of the Best Business Books 2007 by a team of commentators of the strategy+business issue 49, Winter 2007

What?!!writing a blogpost on a sunday evening 2 days before christmas? when almost everyone that I know is either in London, or leaving for Phuket tomorrow, or has left for Penang yesterday and probably contributed to the 10-hour crawl on the Penang Bridge? heheh. The gawds must be crazy as depicted by some savetheworld cartoon characters! hahaha. My sadness triggered this urge to write it down and post it on my blog. First sad story: I am sad because suddenly you find you are no longer in communicado with someone fairly close & dear to you. The lines just went poof. I sent a few text messages, there was no response, then a couple of blank received no response too. I stopped sending anymore messages, kang orang kate tak reti base plax. The 2nd sad story is knowing that a close associate is going through a very difficult time of his life. Sort of a crisis, if you may. I hope everything turns out well for him,before the year is out. Me? hah...I am still struggling to get rid of old documents, springkleening as we all call it. Still very much so at it..hahaha albeit at a much slower pace..hahaha. Finally, a feel-bad story: I felt bad for another dear friend for not being able to help her out to give an hour or two, peptalk to freshies, on investmentbanks or general investment from the CEO/business perspective. It was last minute just the night before and I didn't have the confidence to do it. These days I need some time to prepare even though I could do it off the cuff. But that's only for subject areas or disciplines I am at home with. The last time I gave a public lecture on investment was the inaugural executive lecture series of bankislam in 1997 when I was still at PNB heheh... hmmm enuf of sad stories on an otherwise humid sunday evening..hihi

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