Saturday, December 15, 2007

of tarbuses and bale-bale....hahaha

last night Vantagepoint Consulting (HTP's associate company) celebrated their 10th anniversary at the former Regent Hotel at Bintang Walk. The hotel has been refurbished, changed hands, now known as the Grand Millennium. The theme of the night was Malaysian 60s and the band they invited, to entertain us was called BALE-BALE...a group of pot-bellied ancient men & women (mostly javanese of Kuala Selangor...hahaha) rendering numbers that brought nostalgia to times when I was in school in the early 60s hahaha. Their dressing in batik, kain batik with terompah...hmm I cud have sworn, my first impression...i thought they were fishermen of kuala selangor! hahaha. The group of talented 10 musicians reminded me too of a group that my late father had sponsored when I was a child at Kg Jawa, Kuantan and it was called Jawa Putera Orkestra. I scanned some of those ole pix but cud not locate it hahaha (getting old myself!). It could be in one my mobile harddrives. Anyway, back to Vantage, I was there to lend support to Rahim, the CEO. I used to be secretary of vantagepoint at one time and could not be more than familiar with the tides of their progress. Congratulations brother rahim ! Kudos for the promise of a better future for you and your team. Yezzzeh, he is the tarbus (not to be mistaken for targus.....your preferred notbook backpacker heheh) guy alias tom cruise....hihi.
One parting note though...I was, as usual, punctual, on the dot at functions these days, just enjoying how malaysians make the hosts wait, making others they trot into the hall shamelessly...hahahaha. If that wasn't bad enuf? hmmm what about when you say you are coming but you didn't show up....and you didn't have the bloody courtesy to ring up or send a text message to ...erm at least apologise? is that what is meant by first class infrastructure and third class mentality? hmmm. Jangan mare bang....siapaen yang mangan cili dong, biaren sendiri yang rasaen pedas loh! hahaha...have a great weekend folks!

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