Tuesday, December 25, 2007

chronicles of narnia, terminator 3 & wil smith's I am legend...

I don't watch TV much actually unless I feel like relaxing.. and switch to National Geographic or some other documentary channels and oh ya CCTV9 or the new china international TV station...heheh. I like that station even though the accent and pronunciation leaves much to be desired...hahaha...but what do you expect right? So long as the message gets across, who cares!! I saw two full length movies on ASTRO which I like to comment.
The first one is the Chronicles of Narnia. Set during the German air raid over london, and the mummy sends away her four kids (2 boys and 2 girls) to a faraway place on an old beautiful steam engine train, with breathtaking views, only to be met with the usual strict, disciplinarian, headmistress type, madame of the manor where a sort of absent-minded professor lives. The kids bumped into a cupboard that led into this world called Narnia where their adventures began. Well, much like Harry Potter's series and that other american movie that starred robbie williams, which I forgot the title. Anyway, I notice, movies that are British based, like Harry Potter, Narnia etc attempts to instil powerful value systems that is subtly embedded. Notions of creativity, the thirst for knowledge, discipline, honesty and integrity, standing up for what is right and of course, the age-old notions of good and evil, fairy tales & demons and the maximising or optimising rather...of the positive side of magic! Disneyworld has for decades now made billions through movies, the very thing people the world over, continue to be fascinated with...MAGIC...heheh.
Ok, the second is Terminator 3, now this is sooo American...something is soo familiar in american blockbuster movies...you see them in Spiderman, Batman, Transformers etc....they always have a teenage couple , an american boy and girl...trying to safe the world. Listen to the script of these movies, they all send out messages, to millions of boys and girls and adults throughout the world who watch the movies, that eventually its them who save the world kunon.... yey yey the Japanese have their Ultraman and the Malaysians have their Cicakman...hahahaha. No, but seriously, these movies are a great moral booster and keeping their patriotism flying high, among the Americans. I mean, we need to acknowledge that. They are damn good at spin jobs and that sort of stuff! That's why mahathir wanted to establish or set up an animation studio dulu (in Cyberjaya...but what happened to that village? heheh).
Ok ok..what about I Am Legend? Wil Smith? I have not seen that movie yet hahaha but I read a not-so-nice review about that movie... I just might go see it for myself in the comforts of the new signature theatre at midvalley this evening perhaps? Wil Smith is one of my favourite stars anyway.....hahahaha...

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