Sunday, December 16, 2007

birds do it, bees do it...

And corporate secretaries do it...

in style.

inhouse or outsourced.

with attention to detail.

transparent, in governance.

recto and verso.

with an eye on the clock.

for independent directors.

with black ink.

for circular resolution.

behind close doors.

in the gutter.

bursa ready.

with ball points.

spaced out.

on clean sheets.

in attendance.

globally and regionally.

with their directors.


with executive summary.

with full secrecy.

in softcopy.


adapted and modified from Anon in another world, & the foto is borrowed from tompeter's blog...heheh


Wadi: said...

Dare to speak your mind with blissful narration of thought provoking means. The poem is inherently sound, with innuendo and intriguing sense :)

reenazack said...

i like this.. very much.. reflect soo much on a job as company secretary.. sigh.. and i have no idea why i'm in that line of work..

u might not remember me, but we had a small chat during lunch hour at renaissance hotel n u were one of the speaker for the the seminar.. and yeah, i am a friend my Wadi :)