Tuesday, November 27, 2007

of long service awards...heheh

Time do flies...hmmm I didn't realise that I have stayed at HeiTech this long..hihi 10 years? The longest in my previous job was with oxford university press (9 years) heheh. Long Service Awards remind me of my late dad. he spent 34 years with Shell Malaysia. First in Kuantan rolling oil drums, then a peon and then as a management driver at Shell House, Kuala Lumpur. I remember how during weekends when I was in primary 4 and we were staying at 77 lorong kanak-kanak gombak setia then, we wud take a joy ride in that huge Australian Holden. That was also the first time Japan had their Toyota (Toyopet) in Malaysia and it costs only RM6000 at that time (1964). Then when my dad moved to PD in 1965 he was the first batch of the Shell Refining Company Port Dickson bulk LPG lorry driver. He would show me a gold tie pin of his long service awards and I would always look forward to the year end Shell Christmas party where I would always compete with the other Shell children at the musical go round game. Companies like Shell leave indelible marks not only to their employees but to the families of their employees as well. The company culture permeates and transcends the whole family. Much of my worldview today has been carved, indirectly by Shell. That same cultural transformation can take place at HeiTech, if properly done.
I was walking with dato' EC at sunway lagoon and casually told him that earlier that day i told my staff i am getting a 10 year long service award. it can only mean 2 things: either i am so loyal to dato' or that nobody wants me out there....hahaha. actually i am, the loyal type. if my boz tells me to harakiri...i would actually ...heheh. During his speech he related what i had said to him earlier and while he said that only i know the real reasons...heheh. he used that story for positive re-enforcement...hihi. i guess because i am retiring pretty soon, the thought of moving must have taken a back seat, not that i did not have any offers! hahaha.

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