Wednesday, November 14, 2007

of grapes and Lloyds of london?....

The grapes were just to whet your appetites...hahaha...but Lloyds of London is the world's leading insurance market, transacting business worth billions of pounds in premiums each year. Lloyd's itself does not even accept insurance risks; this is done by the individual and corporate underwriting members!
The market is housed in Lloyd's award-winning headquarters in Lime Street in the City of London. The building was designed by Richard Rogers, now Lord Rogers, and opened by the Queen in 1986. Most of Lloyd's business is transacted in the underwriting room, known simply by those who work there as the 'Room'. Tading takes place on the ground floor and galleries where underwriters sitting at the 'boxes' negotiate with brokers who bring business into the market.
If you are in the financial services sector...especially in insurance and hav have not visited Lloyd's of had better take a re-look at your profession...hahaha

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