Friday, November 30, 2007

daddy's gurl....

last wednesday evening I accompanied my good friend Nasser, secretary-general Malaysian Takaful Association, to visit an exhibition of the works of final year students of the faculty of art & design, UiTM, shahalam. It was to visit his daughter's work (nastassia)on exhibit. I was told that during that exhibition, the student's final year grades will be made. Nasser's daughter has been a consistent dean's list gurl and I told him that he shud send his gurl to New York to further polish her talents. It's heartening to note that alot of our boys and girls are talented, creative and with commercial value. Their exhibits are a manisfestation of the quality of work they produced and are capable of producing even better ones...which I'd imagine wud give LimKokWing Creative University a run for their money as well...heheh. Ermmm perhaps, I may be wrong. UiTM may feel insulted to the comparison I just made...they could be perhaps compared to some other ivy league institutions...heheh.

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