Friday, November 30, 2007

of aber IGP public lecture....

The IGP public lecture was part of the malaysian Aber Week. Held at PJ Hilton. Food wuz great. Great turnout too. Spotted, were long lost aber syawal, akbar (emcee), the injured NASH (see his right 30 stictches i was told, bandaged eye..heheh), sharil my double had to leave for a meeting with JJ (his minister heheh), Ubai. others were datuk & datin yeow, tuan mazlan, CID chief bukit aman, tan sri arshad & puan sri, datuk zawiyah & spouse, soffian, amin and the rest of the young aber set. of course my old friend prof john williams former dean of the law faculty was also around, prof harding and pro-VC prof aled. Tan Sri IGP was a liitle late as he had a prior meeting with PM at Putrajaya. On my table was Datuk Mary Lim, Commissioner Law Revision & Law Reform at the AG's Chambers, Prof Khaw (New Deputy Vice Chancellor Development Universiti Malaya who told me that she is very close to my classmate Professor Chan Swee Peng, one of the nation's foremost authority on diabetes...heheh. I shall not bore you with the details of Tan Sri Inspector-General of Police's lecture. You must have read some of the salient and pertinent issues, facts and figures he said, in today's The Star...hahaha... Kudos to the organisers. One needs passion and commitment to run an alumni. It's a thankless job most times and at times...hmmm you need to fork out from your own pockets too. But, the networking, the camaraderie...can be satisfying and who knows...come in the later part of one's life. Unfortunately...not many graduates in malaysia are into alumni activities....(i do stand corrected tho' heheh)

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